How To Get Owned By Coffee.

I was living at home so I was probably around 18-22.

I decided I wanted a nice coffee to drink.

I went to the coffee jar and opened the lid.

The coffee looked a little different than normal, must be another brand, i thought.

I put a spoonful of coffee into my cup, boiled the water and poured it into my cup.

The smell was a little... strange. I wasnt sure I liked this new brand.

I always take milk but I guess I decided to taste it before that just to see what this new brand tasted like.

It was ******* gravy....


Why my mum decided to put gravy in the coffee jar, i'll never know. It was probably her idea of a joke or somethin,
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

Salt instead of sugar is a nice trick also...<br />
Its a bit rude.... like a slap in the face...

You got owned :p