Yes, I Am

I joined this group because I just like saying the title. Hell, I could walk around all day muttering it to myself.  I'll even say it again now:  'I am such a girl'....Yaaay!  That was great!!  "I am such a girl"..."I am such a girl"..."I am such a girl"...I am such a girl"  I can't decide which word deserves italics.  Never mind.  But, if you are walking down a steet in Ireland somewhere and you hear someone muttering incessantly 'I am such a girl', introduce yourself.  It will be probably be l'il ol' me!  I am such a girl!
RoseViolet RoseViolet
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4 Responses Sep 21, 2012

Oh you better walk up to me first and ask what that American is doing in Ireland!

Fabulous sweetie

You're the Girl

How about putting the lot in italics...<i> I am such a girl</i>

You know what Becnme?...You're right!