A Streetcar Named Desire

Several years ago in the last 704 streetcar in Düsseldorf one night I was sitting opposite an attractive woman in her middle ages.  Entering the wagon I had smiled at her before, deliberately, taking the opposite seat, since I liked the looks of her.

She smiled back, all right. Her shapely legs showed from under a pleated skirt. Her knees just protruded. Of course, they caught my interest, and I took a glimpse, then averting my eyes, not to seem impolite or harassing.

It was more out of the range of my sight that I noticed a change of whatsoever kind that caused me to look again.

And, indeed, there was something different in the lady's appearance. She had parted her knees for a couple of inches which could not be ignored.

Not so polite as before, I kept looking and, to my surprise (or delight?), the distance between the shiny knees grew slowly, but steadily.

I can't recall the exact thoughts passing through my brain when my mathematical imagination tried to sort out what degree a wide angle might get. It seemed to be a nearly 180-degrees thanks to the versatility of the pleated skirt the lady was wearing.

I dared look into her face. And there was a kind of smile I was not able to define as friendliness or horniness. I sent her my sheepish smile and moved my look down where the knees, the legs, the rim of the skirt were supposed to be located.

A baffling scenery hit my eyes and balls, so to say.

Her hands had moved up the seam of the skirt halfway up her upper thighs. And I looked right into a steaming-wet, wide-open purple *****, surrounded by dark pubic hair of the kind and shape that I fall for.

The car stopped, the lady stood up, left the streetcar and bent her head, sending a last smile towards me who had to stay for some stops to reach my destination...

For several times, I deliberately took the last 704 hoping to see the fascinating lady again, maybe getting in contact with her.

I never met her again...

Genrik Genrik
66-70, M
2 Responses Jun 21, 2007

Alisa, I suppose, so would I...

I would have liked to have been this woman. And I would have taken the 704 again just to meet you.