I Never Wanted to Admit It But . . .

I am! I am such a girl! I love lace and perfume, Silk and other girls. I love lingerie and nail polish and wish I could just have a girls night in with my wife and a friend of hers (or two. Not sexual.) I wish I was one but I don't want to get the operation. I still love being a guy as much as I want to be a girl. I really hate the whole gender thing, I really do. Why can't we be both and have the option to switch? I don't think it a cruel joke purpetrated by God as much as a barrier that needs to be set in place so we can wish, dream and wonder about our opposite selves. Although, I really have a lot of respect for those who go through the surgery! You guys are the bravest of us all! I wish I had a 1/10 of that bravery to get me through life.

harold77377 harold77377
36-40, M
2 Responses Feb 25, 2009

Thank you Veronica.

I agree with all your thoughts here and enjoy finding someone who shares my view perspective on life.