They Say There Is Always Hope...

As far back as I can remember, I have always imagined that one day I will find that one special lady... the perfect partner for me.

We understand each-other on every level and can talk about everything, and just as easily say nothing, and yet still know what one another is thinking.

I had this idea that we would go traveling around the world, sharing adventures, and just spending time together, before coming back to settle down, and start a family, and play happy families. But then again, maybe not... What is important is that we are together as one, in everything we think, say and do.

Someone that is just as touchy-feely as I am. Just as emotionally deep as I am. "Clingy" some might say. (and probably have done). Someone that doesn't push me away. Prepared to talk through any problem or concern. Someone that is as horny and kinky as I am at times - just as dirty minded, and with my health appetite for passion, intimacy, and fun & games.

Someone to come home to of an evening, and share a candle lit dinner with, at home or out. Someone who appreciates me holding the door open for her, and doting on her every word, without taking such things as signs of weakness, but rather respects and values me for the way I respect, treat and value her. Someone to cuddle up with at night, someone who loves holding each-other for hours on end, and likes to cuddle after intimacy, and oftentimes during it.

I have had this idea in my head since I was a teenager. And always hoped to find her. It has sadly never worked out, and time and time again I have found someone that I think is right for me, realising that nobody is perfect, and nobody can be the perfect match for anyone else.  I am far from perfect, and so if someone so great existed, why would they be interested in me?!

That being said, I have never expected too much of a partner; and have tolerated an awful lot - possibly too much, that I should not have tolerated. But being ever hopeful, and determined to make my partner happy and be the best partner I can for them, I persist, even when others would probably have given up long ago.  The end result is that she loses all respect for me, and tries to force me into breaking it off.

I'm told, by both male and female friends, that I'm forever choosing the wrong types. That may well be. But could it be, there is no right type for me? Am I asking for too much?  Or am I just too damned awkward?  Is there any sweet, caring and loving girl out there who doesn't need to be treated mean to stay keen? (Roleplay not included. I can be mean when I have to be ;-) lol)

I have many a time decided to give up on the pursuit of a relationship, and just have casual things, but I always end up seeking that one special person again. Until it breaks down again. For now, I remain hopeful...
Sloppy69 Sloppy69
31-35, M
1 Response Apr 7, 2012

Hope you find that person you need they say we all oulmate to match if we look!But might be time to cool for while get on with enjoying and seeing if any young lady will chase you!

lol, they don't chase _me_! But thanks. I have not really been want to go searching, except for when a relationship is not what I'm looking for...

But then, just when you least expect it... Wham, something hits you between the eyes. Just in my case, it has usually turned from something good to something bad, or worse.

I've been told I should "get out there more". But I just don't see it, meeting a soulmate in a pub, club, or such. For now, I am very happy to get on with enjoying my life, and close off lose ties, moving freely forward and see what life has in store for me. Thanks for your kind words.