'Cause I'M A Creep...I'M A Weirdo

Okay, okay I'll stop with the Radiohead. I'm a bit of a weirdo but I'm not a creep - especially in the context of such a depressing song. Or as I prefer - I'm quirky and adorkable. Why you make ask? (Actually, I don't expect any of you to ask or care.)

1. I have a song for every moment that occurs in my life and they come to me randomly. Seriously, I barely keep from belting the lyrics. I've got everything from Beatles and Stevie Wonder to Aerosmith to The Rolling Stones to Green Day to Usher to (and I'm ashamed of this) Jonas Brothers. (I had a lot of friends who were fangirls....)

2. I eat pizza with ranch dressing and occasionally fork and knife.

3. I get sick like really often.

4. Well you can message me to find out the rest!
DrawntoLight DrawntoLight
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wow please excuse my grammar fail lol