He's Like The Wind!!

I met the man who I believed was my soul mate on a dating site, we became very good friends and we still are.
but I remember when I first saw his picture I thought that he was not attractive and I had in mind to put him in the friend zone. till I actually met him and he took my breath away. he picture didn't give him any justice. he was beautiful and when i started to get to know him he became gorgeous in my eyes and perfect not one flow from him was not excepted by me they were all adorable flows. his heart is as big as the world and pure as gold. his voice is like music to my ears. I have known this wonderful man for two years now and I hope our friendship will last forever and even turn into more, that he may feel the deep feelings of love I feel for him. but for his feelings are still the same towards me which is I am like a sister and his best friend and nothing more. it hurts to think that his feelings will never change, he loves me but is not in love with me. we dated for two and half months and I thought he reciprocated my feelings for him but the truth was. I didn't see the bomb coming from miles away that was aimed towards my heart. it hurts to know that he is not mine but do I want to lose him completely? and not have in my life? I can't bear the thought of his absence. it feels like someone poured scolding water on my heart and body that it is so intense that It is making me numb. if I could turn back time I would have not given him my heart or soul. a platonic friendship is all what he would have received. but now it is too late my tears are my bed and my fear is my blanket and my sadness is my pillow. and all I can say  as I fall a sleep. "I hope you have wonderful blissful dreams my love and that you wake up in the morning with a brighter day full of joy and laughter" 

p.s. my heart will always be your forever no matter what.    
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I had a similar experience...except she never gave me the chance I deserve. She met me while she had left her boyfriend (which seems is a recurring theme with them)...and rather then complicate her heart she opted to run fom me...when in fact, if she had invested in me...and after she would get to know me, i know that she would choose none other...yet, it's a chance I was never granted. Perhaps in another life, the tide will sway in a different direction...this current is meant to bring me to a different shore...<br />
I have long decidhe, that I should not expect justice in life...it's up to me to be just!

its painfull to luv someone who doesnt love u back. was in a relationship for 9mnths then brokeup its been 4yrs nw i still love him and pray that he is happy and loved

yea it does hurt!! :( but I am realizing its best for us to just be friends and nothing more. its hard but I am getting there slowly but surly

thank you for your wonderful wise words. :)

In the words of Mr. Mark Twain<br />
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Love seems the swiftest, but it is the slowest of all growths. No man or woman really knows what perfect love is until they have been married a quarter of a century.