Wrong Choice

I usually walk my dog at the same park everyday and I used to see this muslim guy that I found quiet attractive. We started talking and we kind of got into a relationship. We really never talk about it being serious and we certainly had fun together. He is a nice person and I obviously fall in love,and when you are in love, you want more. The meetings when he was not busy weren't enough. I am not a silly girl and I obviously knew that he didn't feel the same way, although it was a bit more than sex for him, it wasn't love. I think the nonsense of race and religion bothered him, but because he obviously didn't want much more than what we already had, he never said anything. I got brave enough and I was honest and told him I loved him.He told me he loved me too, seriously guys.... you know when somebody is not being honest. So last night... trying to get some self respect back I called him and told him that the whole situation was hurting me and that it was better if we didn't see each other again. I wanted to talk in person, but he seemed to be too busy for me. So, deep down in my heart I hoped that he would tell me that he really loved me and wanted to be with me, but he accepted the fact I asked him not to get in touch and say goodbye. Oh boy! I wish I was smarter than that and didn't get involved with someone so different to me. I am a bit heartbroken today, hopefully it will ease with time.x
Lancsgirl Lancsgirl
26-30, F
Jun 18, 2012