When You Love Someone....

You want to do everything for them. You want them to be happy no matter what. I think about him constantly. I haven't seen him in 8 days. I crave him, I want to touch him, I want to smell him. The last time I saw him I studied his face, I tried to memorize every line, every feature. His brown eyes, his crooked smile, the line of his jaw, the cleft in his chin. His kiss, I miss so much. I want to hold him and say everything will be ok. I long for his touch, to hear his voice. I have to let him be, walk away. I feel like I am drawn to him like a powerful force. Will love make any difference? If he really loves me it will be hard to live without me. Its that famous, old saying, when you love someone set them free......if its meant to be they will come back to you. Does anyone believe that? I have to have faith in that and move on.....Will I ever love anyone like I love him? I can't imagine that I could love anyone like I love him. I love him with all of my heart and soul. I would do anything for him, but would he do the same for me? No, or I wouldn't be in this predicament. So, there comes a time when you have to love yourself and realize that you are worthy to be loved the same way you love. Its hard to grasp...its hard to realize that someone doesn't love you the same way. It breaks your heart to realize that it isn't reciprocated. I still have the love deep in my heart, I can't imagine that I will ever stop the feelings that I have for him. What will I do? I see myself alone. When you love and have to move on, you walk alone. I don't want to meet anyone else, or fill that empty void just to fill it. I have to learn to walk, its just like starting over. Only this time, I will be walking alone.
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I went thru the same thing , totaly rough lonely road hun

I know this pain, exactly same. But did you notice the feeling how wonderful it was to love some one. I know about their saying that set it free and come back thing, but why you want it to come back only. Love is all about giving, not getting. You are gods own creation if you could give love. You could love someone from the bottom of your heart. I know the pain and the loneliness but try sitting alone and remember the old time and some lovely, beautiful moments will make you smile.Set the person free and don't expect him to come back. Let your love be continue and just wish that he shall be happy wherever he is. That's the true love, and I wish you could enjoy the feeling of how much love you could give, infinite !!!!.... keep loving and keep moving. Let your love make you happy, not his love.When you loved someone , you don't set condition that they shall love you back, just love the person and believe me he will feel the breeze sometimes in his dreams that you still love him and still giving. Loving is GIVING. I really find people so great who could just give love, just give, never expected anything. I know it's really hard to lecture here and give advice here and real pain is beyond these things but let me tell you that I have been through this, exactly this. I wake up and pray to god that wherever she is, she shall be happy and she shall not have any problem. I take a deep breath and start doing things in life for my life, my living, my parents and lots of people like me and you.Keep loving, that's the best thing happened to your life. While writing this reply, I got text from a friend that she is seeing someone and I prayed god that, that guy should be taking good care of her. At least that I can do for my love.

It was so hard for me to read your message without feeling the pain all over again. I recognize a lot in what you say and I've been trying to understand how situations like this can happen. How can you let go of someone if you love them so much; if you shared your all with them?

I've been broken up with my boyfriend for almost 2 months now and I thought I've been doing well by going out a lot and trying to do things that make me happy. But at the end of the day, when it's all silent and I'm all by myself... the silence kills me.
And all I want to do is call him, tell him that I miss him...

Hang in there! We may think there won't come a better love... but it will come one day!

blondie, have you shared your feelings with him, if i may ask?

I feel your pain, I feel like I'm dying inside everyday, bi-polar from missing her to hating her, I just hope time will heal this hole in my heart.

Omg I feel the same way about my x gf we were together 9 yrs she was also my best friend but she fell for another girl and I'm left here loving a person who doesn't feel the same I have never let her go so she doesn't know what her life would b like without me in it so I hope that saying u mentioned is true if u love someone let them go if its meant then she will be back its hard though

Do you ever worry that you are letting time pass you by and finding someone that you have that "chemistry" with will never surface again. I have been married once, left a widow. I waited 7 years before I felt that spark....I almost think something is wrong with me....maybe I expect too much.

When it comes to love, never accept too little. I made the mistake(s) of settling for less than the perfect match and it only caused heartaches in the end. You are just choosey. That is far from being a bad thing. Just don't let your desires and thoughts of time force you into bad decisions. Lead your life and don't let it lead you. :D

Nothing wrong with you , you are looking for the same highs you were hitting all the time with him, just like i did with her,(same type of affair). Just would have been perfect if she was single when we met

Sweetie. He has a wife. He did not leave her for you. If you continue to love him, you have to realize you will always be his afterthought. His backup plan. You deserve to be with someone who has you as number 1 in their life. You will find them with time. Just cry and heal your heart. You need to be strong. I am sure you can pick up and be happy. If you have as much love to share as you have written, you will have no problem finding someone who treats you as you should be. :D

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I know exactly how you feel.....will we ever fall in love again? My heart feels like I will never love again.....the pain is stabbing. I am sorry, but I feel your pain.

I'm going through the exact same thing. I miss my ex so so much, all I want is her and feel I won't ever love anyone else like I love her. I know I have to try and find my feet again but it's easier said than done and life feels so so depressing at the moment.

I have to try and tell myself that, being with the wrong person is what makes you feel like ==== not that you are missing what you really never had...? Ding=dong! Tell my heart this!! I am smart enough to know this!