I'm Hurt, Angry, Confused & Pregnant

I got with my so called best friend almost two years ago n waited for him to get home from the navy for good so we could start our life tougher. He seemed to b crazy for me, he spoiled me n made me happy. I use to fly to see him when he was away n enjoyed him. My family was excited to meet him n I was always with his family even while he was away. Long story short he can home for good in April n he moved in with me. He seemed to always b on the go but I expected that. I just didn't expect for him to seem to drift away from me. We had regular fights but nothing rare for couples. The only thing was he seemed to start alot of them n not care about my point of few. After three weeks he moved out n weeks after I found out I was pregnant by him. I told him n eventho he always begged me for a baby he wasn't happy about the news. He wanted me to abort the baby n he stopped talking to me even texting. I almost did abort the baby but couldn't n left the clinic. He now doesn't talk to me or contact me at all, I haven't heard from him in months n im currently 5mths pregnant by him. I saw a picture of him with his ex on Facebook a few days ago n I got upset so I called him n he said hello then hung up in my face. Im very hurt behind this bcuz I truly loved him n expected us to be a family when he came back n moved in with me n my current son(not by him). Idk why he did this to me n why he has to b so cold n not say a word to me not even about then baby. I feel used n betrayed n hurt all while im pregnant.
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but when u knw he left another girl for u..u dnt feel da pain of dat girl..now his ex thinks its time to take revenge on u..only thing common is u and that girl gave him a chance to have fun n leave..first convince his ex that he wud do the same wid her..and say sorry to her u dnt understand her pain that time..

first thing u need to do is tell his ex that u r pregnant by him..and tell the guys parents abt it..

Am sorry however just try be strong just for the sake of the baby. God will give you strength.<br />
Accept he does not love you anymore and move on although i know its not that way easy.

I think ur right. I feel he just played the role until he got out the navy then ditched me. We never physically fought only arguments. But Im pregnant by him now, I don't understand why he doesn't at least communicate with me. Did he really have to diss me this bad to b done with me? I don't have to b with him but.I would have appreciated a calk or even a text every now n then, I mean I did wait over 1yr for him to come home, I was close with his family n he was my friend before we got tougher. Like...why..??? Why so cold...

make sure you get blood test and make him pay part of the cost of bring up the child it is only fair

sorry it spounds like he was saying the words and did not mean it<br />
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but as far as fight we were with each other 7 years and we never had a fight other then pratice fights with each other in bushito<br />
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but she was killed at 19