Its Time To Move On

so i havent shared a story for almost 2 yrs and theres been a change..

My story starts a year ago when i met the most wonderful woman. She was everything i had been looking for since my past breakup and the hardest part at first was she was a woman and at first i didnt understand these feelings but it felt so normal so right so i went along with these feelings.. We moved very quickly as far as living together and starting a life together and it was great, till a man from my past who happen to be my first love came back into my life and i strayed. I never physically cheated on her but i was connected emotionally to someone else which is still just as bad. I confessed the feelings i had for this man to her and of course she lost all trust for me and we decided to breakup we kept a sexual relationship which i wasn't okay with but i still loved her so i pushed my feelings to the side. She has decided to pursue a relationship with another girl and has told me that she no longer wants to have any kind of relationship with me. Im crushed i love her so much. Its been two days since i talked to her and i always want to call or text her but i don't. I had my chance and i wasted it. I just want her to be happy she deserves it.
jenna01 jenna01
26-30, F
Nov 16, 2012