What Happened?!

I can't believe its over. We were together for 9 yrs and she left. A lot of my friends and family are really happy that she's finally gone but I still find myself lost and still asking why...I was the one that should have left.
For years we fought over her alcohol addiction and the fact that she treated me like crap. But yet I'm still sad which is completely pathetic.
Yes, I'm that emotionally abused/codependant person. The one that now has to try and get their life back on track.
I can't believe I let someone control my happiness. For example, she has left me at the airport or didnt pick me up at the airport more times than i can remember. i have lied to her bosses on her whereabouts becuase of he drinking and distanced myself from all of my friends and family cuz of her. And she has told me that she doesnt ever have to apologize for anything! What?! She's selfish, narcissistic, mean, arrogant, judgemental, uncompassionate and cold-hearted. What in the hell did I ever see in her? Its funny how everyone around me saw that she wasn't a good person. I just invested too soon and too immaturely.
Now i vow to stay single for awhile and just enjoy life. So far things have been great and I'm getting back to me again :-)
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

I am so sorry to read of your situation. It really resined with me how cruel people who have issues with substance can be. They leave behind in the wake of their path of destuction pain to themselves and those around them. Sounds like you are further along in the process than I am. I hope that you continue to be strong on your journey to rebuilding yourself.