Heartless And Alone

I am a 35 year old female and I have only been in one relationship my entire life. I ended that relationship in 2001-2002 due to verbal and mental abuse. Since then, I have always been single. Throughtout the time I've been single, I have met three guys but it never turned into a relationship because we were not compatiable. So therefore, I pretty much gave up meeting someone until on January 26, 2013 I joined a dating website call Plenty of Fish. As a memeber of POF I 've never received any emails, winks, flifts or response from any guys. So I believe the reason I wasn't receiveing any mail is because I look unattractive and over weight. Anyways I met a wonderful and loving man online. He's compatiable, kind and loving. I believe we got alone pretty well, at least thats what I thought. On yesterday, I had my plans to meet him, but he never answer my call nor reply to my text. I told him I had made plans to meet him today. He completley flipped out and told me I was playing games with him. And then he mentioned something about if I want to be with another guy that he would back off. I was dumb founded and clueless. I could not believe how it change between him and I. I just knew this man was for me because I have never met anyone with the same common intrests as I do. Thats why I was so drawn to him. So he did a 360 and completely dumped me via Text. I cried and feel so stupid because I could not see what was going on. I tried to plead with him but he did not want to listen. He kept rambling on about me playing games. However, after he dumped me I told him he broke my heart and he said likewise. I haven't did anything to deserve this pain. He blame and accussed me for something I have no clue what I"ve done. I figure he was never intrested. I'm confused, lonely, hurt and heartless. I hate this feeling. Now he won't answer my calls. I can not believe he's acting like this. I am a good, caring, honest, giving, unquie and loving woman anyone would love to meet with me. But I used to think this guy is my everything, now he change that to nothing. I am so sad and I know its only online but I did have feelings for him. I just hurting right now, I feel bad that he refused to tell me in person and doing it by text is much harder to deal with.
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Personally I tried to join an online dating website once, but I just couldn't do it. I am really sorry to hear what happened. It seems that you were looking for someone to fill in that empty whole in your life, and all you got was someone playing a joke on you. You seem to be just like me in a lot of ways, and I can understand exactly how it must have felt to think someone understood you. But whatever happens, you are not alone in feeling this way and you are not the only one who has been hurt. I wish the best for you.

Aww.....I'm sorry. His behavior does seem odd, but I'm sure if you stick with the dating site you will eat someone new. Maybe just take a little longer getting to know them? I don't know...I hope your heart heals soon! Sending hugs!

I'm sorry he was mean and acted so strangely, but there are a couple of things in your story that concern me. You say that you met him on January 26 of this year, yet you have all these feelings for him. It hasn't even been a month yet. You should not be having such strong feelings for someone that quickly, especially if you have never met them. You should really read up on emotional boundaries, as this may be playing a major part in compatibility.