I Miss You...

Tonight was one of those nights...that i thought about you. Thought about the wonderful times we had together and not the bad ones...the ones that ended this relationship. I miss you so much. I wish every day for your return to me. But i know it will never happen. How can i wrap my head around the fact that you will never come back. We were supposed to be getting married....i pray that God will do his will in our lives. Since i was 12 years of age i prayed for a soulmate. I prayed that the men that i would marry come into my life. And then you came along two years later. I asked God for sign after sign even when we broke up. I asked God for a sign and everything pointed to you. I am so confuse at this point and not sure how we got here. I hope in your dreams....you find me. I miss your touch and wonderful arms around me. Lying in this bed alone makes me want to cry. I can still feel you here...my heart cries out for you every day. Its officially been 12 days since we last spoke....and it hasnt completely hit me yet that you left. And as i am sitting here looking at our wedding presents and a beautiful wedding dress....i think of you...my dearest soulmate. I know you hurt me so much but i miss you and desire your presence every waking moment...i wish every night that i will be taking back to you....you will always be the person that took all of my heart...i miss you...
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Great , Bravo...

I kept telling people who felt the pain of heartbreak that love is not about getting every time. It's about giving and first time seeing someone who is really giving. I know the pain and believe me I know how much you miss the one. But, the person missing us back or not, we keep giving love.

Relationship ends, love never ends.

I salute the parents who could bring her up where she can understand, what real love is. Keep giving love, keep spreading it around and it will reach him. I know how much you miss him because I know how much I miss her.

You have summed up what I have been feeling for the last 3 months since she has been gone. And I don't see this feeling ever going away. I once thought, before I really fell in love with her, that time would heal all wounds. Well, I'm not sure about that anymore.

I am sorry you are going through so much pain too...life is honestly full of surprises. I had no idea this would happen after giving every ounce of my heart to this person who decides to leave because he just couldn't do it. I promise you that we will get through this. And even though time seems like is working against us...we will heal. Because our hearts are so big that it will love again. And this time it will be perfect. I heard once that sometimes to find the one in life. We have to experience the worst...it makes that person that will come along so worth it....trust me u and i will be ok. Remember chin up...and believe that one day u will be loved unconditionally. Hope you are doing ok....

Carla, those are the most encouraging and sweetest words I have ever had someone say to me. You have indeed strengthened me. And I do hope you are right.

Anyways, for the record, you are amazing, and yes, I'm hanging in there.

Thank you again, and I hope you are doing ok yourself. If you ever need someone to talk with, please feel free to email me ok.

Bye for now.

I'm crying for you. Knowing that someone won't come back is basically the same as them dying. I hope you get through this...

Exactly and I do not think there is a way to get over something like that, ever.

You'll probably never fully recover, but you will feel better over time. Just try to keep him off your mind, distract yourself as much as you can. Go out with friends who make you laugh. Hope you get better.

Hi...thank u for response. It is basically as them dying. It definitely feels like I am mourning his death and this 9 year relationship. Sometimes it feels like its never going to end. And perhaps you guys are right you never fully recover and u just learn to live with it. I just hope one day he realized what he has lost.

Work on getting over it in your own way. Someone will come along that will make you forget that person exists.

I will def try to get over him in my own way....and I hope and pray that I don't shut myself off from love. Because I feel sometimes that I will never love again....