Time To Hide

Time to hide - restore my pride that’s been shattered to the core
Retreat to a place, remove the disgrace and pick myself up off the floor
Lesson learned, the hard way too, forgot what it felt like to hurt
Will never put myself in harm’s way again – too painful to feel like dirt
Trust no-one, ever again and beware of those who smile
Because the smile you see with your own two eyes, may not in fact be worthwhile
Caught up in moments that seem to be the best moments you’ve had in so long
Only to realize it was just a dream to me and to you it is totally wrong
But I know what I felt those nights with you – and remember every moment we spent
And if ever given another chance it is fair to say I’d relent
So I choose to hide from you and them – to repair my broken heart
Because seeing you ignore me and my love simply tears my heart apart
GeorgieMeow GeorgieMeow
46-50, F
1 Response Aug 25, 2013

This is one of many poems I have written in the last 4 months. I have more and will post them as soon as I muster up the courage to share. Any feedback is appreciated. Feeling like a little schoolgirl and I do not like it.