Was Loving Me So Hard?

It wasn't about who's right or who's wrong ,who's weaker or who's strong, who's innocent or who's at fault
It's really not about that kinda thing at all
It's not about who does it or done it or did it to who
Don't matter if the both of us lose
It really wasn't about anything except for me and you .......The worst thing in life is not losing the ones we
love,but losing yourself in the process of loving
someone too much!.. All this stuff is emotionally draining me.It's not about the stupid things that we say
Were always saying stupid things anyway
It's not about the secrecy of the lines
everybody's has a secret to hide
It's not about who was it who was she who's creeping on who
Won't matter if the both of us lose
It's really not bout nothing, except for me and you

it's not about your pride, about yourself
It's bout the two of us and no one else. not about the lies
and the crazy things that are running through your mind
It's bout the love that's supposed to last and never dies
I still have crazy thoughts about you....It kills me that you were just not the one.

ncebie ncebie
Oct 5, 2013