Heartbroken , Lost And Feel Cheated

I am just now undergoing a very bad phase of my life. I was in a 5 yrs long relation with a guy who was from a different faith and was younger to me. Though we did know , it was not meant to be for long, we did have a relation. 2 yrs back, he got involved with a colleague of his , and cheated on me. We broke up for a while. He repented for what he did and asked me to trust him again. I was and may be still am in love very much with him . Last month, we broke up for good as he felt he would not be able to give me time . Just after a week we broke up, I see him with the same gal whom he had a relation with 2 years back and cheated me all along. Now i am feeling really awful for trusting him and loving him. He still says he is not involved with her and is a friend , who is helping him in his breakup with me. I am all lost . I feel an aching pain to have loved him , trust him all the way for 5 ys. Please help. All things , each and every sentence he told me during the good days seems to be a lie and fake. I cant confide to anyone about this. No one knew about him .Life seems hard now.I had left my career , relations , to give this guy a 100% of my life. He took priority over all .But all seems useless and fake to me now. I feel used, abused mentally .Please help as to how to overcome this phase of life.
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2 Responses Oct 31, 2013

If he did it to you once, I would understand your reason to forgive and trust him again. But if he is cheating on you again, than I suggest, as hard and painful as this is, you move on. He's shown you that he can't be trusted with your heart.

I have a similar situation but it wasn't because he is cheating on me... he's just a repeat leave, come back guy. He's emotionally torn but its never been about him cheating on me. That would be the fastest way for me to forget and move on.

Give yourself and your heart time to heal. Its like a death in the family. You need to mourn

Sorry to hear about all the pain :(

I only know about the pain of to want but not have. I guess I have had friends cheat on me, but that is the closest it comes to a scenario such as yours. Hang in there. Hopefully more helpful EP user comments to come.