My Husband Cheated

I was so happy and felt lucky that i had everything. I married my high school sweetheart who i lost my virginity too and we have two boys. I may be young but i take my vows seriously and i was a good supportive wife i worked while he was in school. I was so proud when he graduated. He could now take over work while i get my butt in school that was the plan. Then i felt him stray away he was always texting and so protective over his phone. My phone broke so i used his old one and found messages in it from a girl i didn't know. I read on while my stomach twisted and my body started shaking they talked to eachother everyday and i had no idea. They sleped together I felt betrayed how could he do this i did everything for him.
deadstill deadstill
26-30, F
Nov 17, 2013