I loved a woman. Her name was Gina...a gorgeous, Italian from NY! And she has the most sensual accent ever! Ah! :( We were the perfect soul mates! She was everything I wanted in a woman...smart, quirky, funny, silly, a mess like me, femme, mature, and with chemistry like magic! We were practically twins! Only problem was our age difference. I was 16 & she was 47.... But I didn't see it that way! I loved her heart, soul, personality & lovely looks!
Well, it all came crashing down when my "best friend" thought she was protecting me from a "predator" online & told her mom out of concern, which told mine, who told my therapist, who reported to officials. Ever since then I've been forbidden by law to talk to her. I wonder and think about her everyday. There doesn't pass a day where I don't miss her. I cry constantly! Everything reminds me of her! We've been torn apart since September! :( I save our one and only voxer conversation and play it once a month just to hear her sweet voice again! She never preyed on me...I actually came on to her first...Although, we were playful, funny, passionate lovers...she never forced me into anything uncomfortable, and I didn't do it to her! We respected each other, but most importantly...she respected me! I just want to know how she's doing after all of this time. I wish I could send her an apology letter, and explain that this was never my fault and that I miss her everyday! :'(
closetcasecat closetcasecat
22-25, F
Apr 10, 2014