I believe that i met my soulmate when i was 25 years old. We fell in love,had a passionate, intense relationship for 16 years.He treated me like his queen,and fulfilled every little desire of mine. But just as we had our ups, we had our downs as well. Our relationship was abusive, painful and torturous at times, but we could never part ways. Going our seperate ways was unthinkable. He was the love of my life,i could never think of being without him,and he felt the same. I was his pillar of strength during the many times he was down and out. Often he said that I was the woman behind his successful career. He bombarded me with gifts and showered love like no one could.We shared intense moments of telepathy,of romance,we scaled the heights of everything together,he was my best friend, lover,brother,partner,everything a man can be. He was the man straight out of a fairy tale.Out of the blue, he got engaged to another woman, and married her soon after. I cannot begin to describe how many times i have died since then, how many tears of blood i have shed,i have been devastated. Nobody loved me the way he did, i can never believe this actually happened. He always said that if i ever left him,he would not be able to live but I know that he is happy with her.I thank him for the 16 wonderful years, but also want to ask ,Why me??? If he was my soulmate, i want to know will he come back to me, i cannot stop waiting for him. My mind tells me that he wont be back, but my heart refuses to see reason. He still says that he loves only me, I am heartbroken to the core, dont know how to pick up the left over bits of my life.
bkapur bkapur
41-45, F
May 13, 2014