I lost my V card to one of my guy friends and although at the time it was just for fun, he stopped talking to me and is just acting indifferent and rude. I fell in love and im just screwed and broken, I cant help but feel like i was used but somehow I just want to be next to him... How can I stop this pain?
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I hope it works out for you, maybe he has more feelings for you then you think, try the elastic band effect, shut him out of your life, enjoy your life and then see if he comes bouncing back. If you love somethibg enough, let it go, if it comes back, it was worth it, if it doesnt it was never yours to begin with. Im having a hard time at the moment aswell, im trying to rely on other people to take my pain away 😞

Thank you, i really like your advice, i dont know if he can have more feelings actually, but letting go is the hardest part. What is bothering you right now? Anything i can help with?

Its hard to tell yourself things are going to be ok because right now nothing seems to be going right and it feels like nothing is going to change..My partner of four years has just cheated on me and i found out on friday and just dont know what to do, my world is falling apart.. Especially because there is nothing that has lead up to it.. No signs. Im just shattered

People cheat when they lack love for themselves enough to be loyal, it has nothing to do with you or with something youve done, im sure the 4 years before that were good but all good things must come to an end, and it teaches us that we have to be more careful to who we give our hearts to. I hope everything works out for the best, im here for you and as i can see we are both young and have our life ahead of us to discover, be strong! Someday someone will love you like you deserve!

Me and my partner have worked things out xx

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