When I first thought of heartbreak it was a figure of speech not really real! But you don't know anything about it till you've experienced it
The pain i felt was the most horrible I felt actual heart break a sharp pain in my chest that sunk to my gut. My legs wobbled I couldn't stand up I couldn't hold back the tears. I collapsed barely being able to catch my breath my entire body ached as I wanted to scream out in agony why me!!!!!!
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Me too. And I can't figure out how to make it go away. And I'm not even sure if I want to it, because I don't want to get over him. The only way I want my heartbreak to heal is if he takes me back, and I can't accept that that is not going to happen. How long does it take to not feel like this? It's been over a month and still eating and sleeping are nearly impossible and I just hurt all the time. It's literally a physical pain.

I can't tell you how long it last but a year ago I felt exactly how you feel. I couldn't get over it. I wanted everything that I thought I was losing It's gotten better but I still feel some pain I'm not a rut like I was before! I personally don't believe you ever heal from it for some people it doesn't go away over time it will heal but you will still have the same scar reminding you of what happened!!!! Surprisingly heartbreak isn't a figure of speech it actually hurts mentally and physically

I so appreciate your insight. I'm sick of everyone telling me "I'm better off without him" and "you'll be fine." I'm not better off, and I'm not fine, and this is going to always affect me. It's nice to speak with someone who gets it. I know it will get better, but I appreciate my feelings being validated rather than belittled. Thank you.

Everyone compares relationships to movies and TV shows and honestly those things aren't realistic when your emotions and your mindset are keen on something and it gets ****** the way and you lose it abruptly everything changes only people who were genuine or didn't care can move on emotionally from person-to-person..... But I will say that you shouldn't let it destroy you but you shouldn't dismiss it as well

How can we love someone as much where they are not loving us and caring about us?! I just cant believe im dying from pain here and he is just going on with his life normally!!
I keep blaming myself for loosing him where im still unsure was it him or me..id do what so ever to go 3 months back :( And yes why me :(((

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Yeah, me too, I try to ignore it, but it's there a lot, in the back of my mind.