Was with this girl 4 years. On and off a few times. (My first and only) everytime we broke up before it was her. And eventually we got back together. Recently I decided to end things. And for some reason she told me she's already found someone else and moved on. Like I didn't need to know that. For some reason I was ok without her. But now knowing she has someone else it completely breaks my heart so much. Maybe I thought we'd get back together again. But it just kills me inside knowing she moved on so quick. I can't stop crying. I call in sick to work and get drunk. I really don't know what to do. Sometimes I just wish I would die. Maybe it's just cause she's my first and everything. But I'm not handling it so well. Ugh.
jfosmark jfosmark
22-25, M
Oct 27, 2014