I dated this guy for 3 years and was completely in love with him. He was my first everything. We broke up several months ago but just recently quit talking. Now all he ever tries to do is hurt me. He only had an Instagram because of me, and I was his only follower. He only uses the account to post things that hurt me. And it kills me. It doesn't help that my bestfriend picked her boyfriend of a month over me as well. I feel alone. I'm not sure how to even begin to be happy.
essenceofember essenceofember
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 9, 2014

****, ur too young..**** that *******...dont want to be mean, or maybe i'm very pessimistic about it, but men are all crap. period.

Thank you.
I know I'm young, but it's still hard sometimes. Men do some of the most vindictive actions.