It is getting worse, i dont know how to live normally anymore, im hating all men, im unable to open my heart to anyone else, i even lost my charm, i prefer to stay alone, wasting my life this is what im doing, and i have no control over it! I think he is seeing someone else, it is burning my heart..I am so lonely and i cant understand what really happened! I still dont know why he did that?! Was it really my fault? He said he still loved me when he left me but he said that was better for both of us as we kept fighting..I want to move on, but i'm really unable to, i thought i could be stronger than that, but i am not, im stuck where i one around me is supportive..Again, it is such a nightmare and such an ache and i can find no medicine!
SnowCrystall SnowCrystall
31-35, F
Nov 28, 2014