Should i believe him? He said he still loved me when he broke up with me, he said i wasn't supportive, i was pushy and demanding, that i broke his heart and couldn't bring happiness into his heart and life, he said we kept fighting so breaking up was better for both of us, he broke up with me 2 months before our wedding, he broke up with me, broke my heart, said it was my fault and that he thought a lot before finding out that was the right decision, was he honest :(? Or just finding excuses! It is been 4 months now and im still so lost and so broken..
SnowCrystall SnowCrystall
31-35, F
1 Response Nov 28, 2014

He's an ******* thats what he is. Who does that to someone before their wedding. Don't believe him. There is something wrong with him and nothing with you. Move on don't let him win. The best revenge is to be happy. So go out there and be happy. No more crying for an ******* like that, no more wasting time thinking of him. And do not let him make you feel it was your fault. He's just a coward who wouldn't and couldn't be honest with you so he's putting the blame on you. Move on. You can do better.