I always seem to put my heart out there for people who can't possibly appreciate it. I am just stupid hopeful sometimes. I am so overwhelmingly sad right now I can't even be a decent mother to my kids :( I just want to clean, or crawl in bed and cry, I can't even eat I'm so messed up :(
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2 Responses Jan 27, 2015

You are a terrific mom!

Giant HUG!!!!! I hope you are doing better, it's been a couple weeks. If not know you aren't alone!

I struggle with depression (especially winter blues) and it's been getting worse and worse for the past 2 months.

I try to give my daughter as much energy and joy as I can muster but just last night I started balling cause I feel like a bad mom. I don't feel like cleaning. I'm angry about our living situation and I'm incredibly lonely (he works and it's -11 outside so my daughter and I aren't going anywhere, again, for the 12th day in a row :( I HATE WINTER!!!!!!!