In the beginning, I fell in love with him. He was my everything, my person, best friend, shoulder to cry on, love. I knew I was his everything too, his eyes sparkled when he looked at me, he always reminded me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me.

9 months of the greatest relationship I have ever had with someone. Until he changed.

4 months of fight after fight, day in and out. He wasn't the same guy I fell in love with. He became very selfish and arrogant, he didn't care about anyone but himself.

He lied to me, ignored me, took me for granted, all in all he just pushed me away and threw everything away as if it was nothing to him anymore.

So I ended it, after a year of falling in love I finally had to let the most painful thing in my life go.

Those four months changed me, I wasn't myself. He had drowned me in depression and feeling hopeless. The catch is, he was perfectly fine.

Now, we haven't talked for 2 weeks and every passing day, hatred in my heart grows for him. I just want him to go away, I wish I had never met him. What he did was an act of betrayal. He said he will always love me but he clearly doesn't know what love is.

Because of him, I no longer believe in it. I don't believe love between two partners is real, if it was real, these things wouldn't happen. People would be cheated or lied to time after time.

Love isn't real and my hate for the man I thought I loved grows everyday.
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I hope he rots and terrible things happen to him.