In 2012 Jan 3rd my father was found to have cancer, i started taking him to MD Anderson, i live in Texas and my father lived in Wichita KS..On June 8th of 2012 my wife was discovered to have cancer i started taking her to MD Anderson...My wife past away on Dec 4th and my father past away on Dec 7th of 2012...I was then forced into having to take of my mother because my sisters couldnt deal with the grief of my father...I then found out that my wife never signed her will...Since then i have been in lawsuits with my two step kids i have gave them the world. On May 12, I was notified about back payroll taxes owed only to find out the the taxes were stolen by my office manager. I am 49 years old and i have 6 lawsuits and a IRS investagation against me i cant sell my home and i have all my money tied up.......In March of this year i meet the love of my life she was the greatest lady i have ever meet, we feel in love made wedding plans for Dec 12 2015 had everything paid for . Outside the cake shop she asked me for my cell phone and i blew up and i dont know why i had nothing to hide . I told her that a relationship was built on trust and she didnt have any for me and she said a relationship needs to be a open book . I then told her that if i had to look at her phone i didnt need her . I blow up on her like a crazy man i have never talked to anyone in my life like i talked to her never treated anyone like i treated her , it was horrifying for her ......She has broke off the wedding thinking i am crazy.....I am just stressed .....I miss her my heart hurts bad.
ginco2230 ginco2230
51-55, M
Oct 8, 2015