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Trying To Get Over The Loss Of My Best Friend.......

Its been a couple of weeks now that feel like an eternity. Im missing my best friend and lover intensely. I never wanted it to end, certainly not like this. I know that not talking is best or I will never get over her. I know I cant pick up the phone and call - even if I did, there would be no answer. You know in the beginning everything we said had forever in it. The passion and the love was very intense. Somewhere on this journey forever slowly turned into how long can we do this. I have analyzed everything these last two weeks and there isn't one memory I haven't re-lived since that last day- good and bad... Maybe there where more bad than good. Im not sure. Its all so hard to process right now. NOTHING makes sense. I know I love her enough that I want her to be happy. I know her being happy will not include me. Thats ok. Im proud of her and what she is trying to become. I miss you with all my heart.
bryancasey37 bryancasey37 36-40 2 Responses Mar 27, 2011

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I am sooo heartbroken and upset....reliving every amazing memory in my mind day and night.....though we had some ROUGH times... we both loved each other VERY much....... this is so unbearably hard to get over... and I truly feel that I will never get over this. it physically hurtsss and mentally killls me.......... he was my first love and I'm very smart and usually know what to do in tough situations but I feel as if this is impossible... ;( ;( need to stop crying. need to stop thinking of what could have been...... please tell me the pain will eventually end...

You are not alone. my boyfriend and i broke up last week. not a single day goes by that i dont relive all of the beautiful memories that we made together. we didnt break up because we fell out of love...we still love each other deeply, but we were in a realtionship from a very young age for a very long time...and he started to feel curious about the dating scene. a part of me understands the other part cant seem to understand him giving up our perfection for the unknown. idk. it doesnt make anything easier. we had decided to be friends but everytime we would talk it would break my heart to hear him talk to me as any other this point ive decided its probably better not to have contact at least for a while...and i feel the same way as you....i just want him to be happy and i dont want him to feel like hes missed out in life because of me...i know how in the beginning everything is im trying to pick up the pieces of my heart because its not forever...but everything happens for a reason, right?<br />
<br /> heart aches all day and night...