How Much Can One Person Go Thru?

When I lost my virginity I had fallen so hard, swept up in a sea of fantasy, only to be dumped the next day... my dream went back to his ex. Later I married to divorce to have the father of my kids ignore them for five straight years, later I met and fell again getting pregnant yet again only to have him not only leave me but deny my baby... that was the worst of all the hurt, still I tried again only to be controlled with one so badly I had to ask permission to step out the house, after that escape I met another who just hustled me for money and whatever else he could... I'm so damaged now, so messed up inside, always thinking the wise because the worst has always happen that now... what's the freakin point. It hurts so much, feeling so alone and so afraid and wishing what did I do to deserve so much pain... 
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3 Responses May 4, 2012

You have done nothing wrong to deserve this pain.<br />
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You should NOT be with any man or even want to be with any man that's controlling and one where you seek their permission. They don't deserve you and is a recipe for disaster. You will never be happy if you allow people to treat you like this.<br />
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There are decent, respectful loving man out there but for you to find them, you'll need to recognise a controlling man. Don't give up, just tell yourself you deserve better, because you do.<br />
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Men suffer too. If you refuse men to treat you badly you will then find a good one. It's true, men get their share of pain too.

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damn im so sorry, we are all not a bunch oh shitasses. guys get they're fair shar of pain, i should know. i am thking of pain!

nothing, you are a prize