In Process....

I suppose that if my heartache is still in process, that means that there is still hope. Somewhere there be hope, but I am having doubts about where to look. I have a fiance, and if you check out my other stories, you will find that we haven't made love much as our relationship has gone on, now into our fifth year. I'm shutting down emotionally towards him. We live together, and have for the last 4.5 years. I've started to look for support of all of my relationship needs, and it kills me to know that there are people out there willing and eager to be supportive, but why won't my guy be more like that?
I'm trying to figure out why I let myself be tortured in this state of limbo that I'm in currently. I really want to share myself with someone who will have me, but I suppose that I'm too scared to be alone than stay here, so that's why I stay.
so my heartaches for all of this torture that I feel everyday... I want to make things right before we both hurt too much for too long.
InNeedOfAHug1029 InNeedOfAHug1029
26-30, F
Sep 25, 2012