How My Heart Is Badly Broken

I fill like i dont have any reason at all to trust anyone because i suffer from major heartache because someone in my life thinks its okay to play games with a persons heart well i don't think its okay i just dont know what i should do about it
nicholesnooki nicholesnooki
22-25, F
3 Responses Oct 9, 2012

I would recommend that u ask yourself that hard question we sometime's avoid, do u derserve it? The answer is alway's NO, no one should play with anyone's heart or emotions. I had to let go of my husband. He now is my ex-husband, he cheated on me & I lost all trust, hope & respect in him bcuz of it. I'm not saying for everyone to divorce their husbands or wive's bcuz of cheating. I know for me personally, I could NEVER trust him again. The other women was my so-callled friend. So that even made things harder. I am a single mother now & I have turned back to my faith in God! That has truly been my strength & my children:) I hope that u find peace Nicholesnooki & ask yourself is he worth it? If so then forgive him & let it go. If not, move on with your life & know that u are a beautiful women & their is some1 out there waiting for YOU!!!!!

My husband recently admitted he cheated on me multiple times and has come clean so that we can have a fresh start at fixing our marriage. I am scared to death to trust him. But my heart tells me to try.

I know what you feel my now ex girlfriend cheated on me Saturday our three year anniversary is in 9days I was going to ask her to marry me she said she wanted to have a life with me and bear my children she was my whole reason to exist I'm not giving up on her don't give up on your person if they're worth fighting for then fight for it to the end don't hold back and regret it later