Here I Am With A Broken Heart That Keeps Breaking.

Everyone says "its better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all" Well, I think they are wrong. To lose something you care about tears a different kind of hole in your chest and leaves a permanent pit in your stomach. Someone tell me how that's better. Is it better to know you lost someone and still care about them but, they couldn't give a **** about you? Is it better to want to see them only knowing they don't want to see you? Is it better to watch them talk to another girl or boy and here you are .. with a broken heart that keeps breaking. Is is better to know what you had and remember all the cute things and miss the person so much? Is it better to have such a pain in your body over losing them that ever morning you wake up and feel physically sick to your stomach? Like your body is being ripped apart? None of that sounds better to me.
I've been on both sides, living for a long time not knowing what it's like to be in love with someone, that is a different kind of pain all on it's own. However, the pain of losing the boy I loved hurt worse and it continues to pull and push me around.
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I dont take your pain lightly at all because I too have that same pain but u are young, u have a lot of life ahead of u. There will be others and when that next person comes into your life that hurt will disappear and u will look back and laugh Hopefully "time" will put u on the top of the list so you can move on with your life Bless u!

I struggled with this stupid theory myself. The only part that helped me undstand it i little was remembering how amazing I did feel. That does not come along everyday. The pain, heartache and saddness ,,,, ? Was it worth it ... Unfortunatly because your heart wants what it wants you had no control . You loved him . Now as he hurts you it makes no sense. Losing in a word "sucks" and I know how you feel. Cried way too much. Think to yourself now- what did you gain from your time together. It hurts that your not where you want to be but Im sure becuase of the relayionship you know more about yourself and how you want to feel. Thats how I see thAt stupid quote! Hugs!!

=/ im sorry for your situation. These things happen to the best of us. But I admit you are right, like you i wish I had never loved her. maybe it would make her leaving and just forgetting me after 6 years easier to swallow. But like you I agree I rather not know love at all than know the pain of losing the one you do love.