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The Night He Took My Heart

Don't you ever hate the way your best friend promises you that you two will always remain close friends, no matter what the circumstances are and how people can change before your very eyes? Last Summer, he and I and his family and my sister all went camping, and I had know idea what will happen between us. Would we stay good friends, or would he finally reveal his feelings for me? We were very good friends back then, hugging and playing jokes on each other.

But, all of this friendship thing fell through the cracks. He silently told me, "I love you", and I knew he meant it. I was so touched, and i didn't know what more to say. So, we saw each other every weekend, went to open mics togethers, but as I thought we were getting serious, I get a call from him saying, "you're way too good for me, I'm sorry." *Click* At school the other day, I see him with another girl, then the next week, another girl. He made me feel so stupid that I could actually believe in love, and in him.

He's currently dating a girl I'm so jealous of, but we're still talking. I love him so much still, and he knows I do. But I know deep in my heart our friendship days are over.


XxxFallenAngelxxX XxxFallenAngelxxX 22-25, F 3 Responses Jul 5, 2009

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It's even harder when your best friend becomes your lover, tells you all the plans you will make, calls you every day and includes you in every detail of their lives. Sends you chocolate covered strawberries, toys and exchanges rings with you. Then they slowly withdraw and give you changing reasons why. Finally, removing internet connections and saying you cant text or call for 6 months to a year, until their divorce is final. That is truly heartbreaking. Not knowing what it means or if it is indeed, over~

some guys have inferior complex. If they think they can't keep you, they might behave like what that guy did.

I feel for you. At the risk of sounding harsh, though, this is a life lesson. Don't let it get you down -- learn from it and become stronger.