Will It Ever Stop Hurting?

I have been through alot of bad relationships that I thought I got my heart broken in but never knew what heartache was till he left. I have been on this dating site for a while and started talking to this Army country boy who seemed like my type. We talked for about a week when we decided to meet up and go to dinner. He was everything I was hoping he was. He was a gentlemen, funny, sweet, caring and took my friends in as his. He would call every morning as he drove to PT and as I got ready for work. We saw each other every weekend. He met my family and was there for me through some really rough times.

My best friend moved to England to be with her husband and that was one of the hardest things I have ever been through. He was there for me through all of it. He bought my groceries when I was worried about money. He was just amazing. 100% sure he was the one. When we first got together he told me he was going through a divorce and had a 3 year old with her. I was more then happy to stick by his side. I put up her phone all the time while we were hanging out.

All of a sudden everything changed. His phone stopped working then the next time I talk to him he said his ex had been up here and his son was here. I was so excited to meet his son take him to the pumpkin patch since we have been planning it. He started having a I don't care attitude. We broke up but he still had my apt key but would not meet up with me. I had his dogtags, pictures of him and his son, his hat and many things he brought home from Iraq.

About 2 weeks after we broke up I text him and asked him where my key was and I got a text back saying "Is my husband cheating on me with you?". I felt like someone just beat the living crap out of me. I never got my key back I threw all of his stuff away but his dogtags.

Its been 4 1/2 months since we broke up and it still hurts. I cry all the time over every little thing that reminds me of him. I want him back so bad but I know I will never get him back. I dont know what to do anymore. ;(

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thank you for sharing<br />
definitely praying for you

I feel so bad for you reading the story. It's now 3 months since you posted it and I wondered how you are doing now? I am going through a huge heartache at the moment and have no idea how to get over it. I hope that you have and that you have been able to move on with your life.

Hey,<br />
at least you still have the tags, right?<br />
<br />
Isn't that what you were really after?<br />
Go ahead.<br />
Make sweet, sweet love to those sexy tags.