I Have Been Suffering Long Before This

I guess sometimes its good to be poor. I have been getting by most of my life. No college, no big job no big house to loose,no boat,no summer house. I stopped putting in 401 when I quit the job that lowered my pay so they would make more, their stock holders would make more. They weren't hurting and still aren't. I have spent every $ I had in 401 along time ago. I took a pay cut when I left. I keep my house very cool in winter, I go nowhere, I basically eat the same thing for lunch and dinner every frecken day. It makes it easier to know how much I will spend a week. Except that what I buy has gone up a lot. I get a 4% increase every year. Since I work hard, the customers love me and trust  me, I know how to do my jobs, ect. I don't call it a raise. Since my utilities, taxes, gas, groceries, pretty much every thing has gone up anywhere from 0 to over 150 % I cant call it a cost of living increase. What I don't get about the man who owns the company, and the district mgr. is how does anyone expect us to live let alone survive on what they pay us. And as far as medical, I have insurance. I pay my part they pay part. I go to doctor I pay $30, I get prescription I pay copay. If I ever have to go to the hospital.... I wont go I will not live being that far in debt. I already ask what is the point. I haven't lived in a long time. I am not looking for sympathy,I know its my fault. I love my job, I never was good with schooling, but need too to get more money to live again. I just want people to know there are people who have been hurting way before others....


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3 Responses Feb 25, 2009

I know of what you write and appreciate your shareing, I am much the same. I dont live either.

I understand trust me I do,but companies don't care about the little guy the care about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ it sucks!!!!!!!

I cannot identify with alot of your story itself, but I can definitely identify with the point you are making.