EPola - Is a new disease spreading amongst EP members and we all need to be careful.

Its main symptom is unrealistic addiction to EP. One might wonder, what is considered unrealistic? Well, when you wake up and the first thing you do is to check EP, you might wanna start getting worried. Also, if you were outside home for a while and the minute you enter your house, you run to the computer to check EP, this is also not looking good!

Besides the addiction, continuously asking silly and dumb questions on EP is also a main cause of worry.

Just thought of spreading the word!
MissGaga MissGaga
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*I lol-ed so hard on this when I first seen it* ... I hope it's not as contagious!

It is, and very much.. You might wanna stay away from your inbox, I might have left a lot of bacteria and germs there, unintentionally, of course! O.o

Then it's too late for me, I guess.

I also think so!


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keep your mind busy with other things:D

Hmmm... I am new here, and so far, I would check my EP every after 2 days. Especially when I had the time or when I remember to. Nobody responded to my post, so I am not so sure if this is addictive or not. ^^ I think it is too early for me to tell, huh? :)

Oh thanks I have self diagnosed myself with it? Now what's the cure?

you have a good point here but most the E.P. are old they need something to do,,,me i come on here to read story...not much story anymore...

Ep is not that much Interesting. Its sometimes very boring

too late..

Oh so true...love it! lol.... :)

lol! I think you got it too! :P

Oh yes! Totally addicted, I can't find anything in the Pharmacist's to wean me off it!! :-)

Oh dear...that applies to me almost exactly :P

I am sorry, we have been interacting recently, it seems that I have infected you!! :(

HOW DARE YOU GIVE ME THIS DISEASE!!!! :O I think I had it before though :P

O.O !!! THEN IT IS YOU WHO GAVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!! You seemed so normal, how come I did not see it coming! lol :P


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Well, it is also a social network. I do check.my notifications from time to time via gmail which is auto logged in