We All Love Being Labeled - Don't We?

I'm diagnosed with Borderline and some of the typical personality traits are 100% true in my case - others are totally, completely not. When I get depressed (like I lately am) I withdraw completely from the world, even plugging out the telephone and turning off my mobile until I feel better: I just don't want to bother those who are dear to me with my problems (but, alas, they worry all the same because they know exactly what a sudden silence from my side has to mean). I've been living in a stable, loving (although a bit unconventional) relationship for nearly 8 years now and have absolutely no intention of changing this anytime soon. Furthermore I tend to see all sides there are to a person and/or a situation, trying to be as objective as I possibly can, holding unto friends for many years until there is clearly nothing left between us that we can share. From the list of symptoms mentioned on the Wikipedia page I would assign less than 5 to myself.

So what am I to do with my diagnosis???
I'm halfway through my second therapy (the first one was started because of severe depressions some years ago and did go quite well) and have the feeling that we are not moving one.single.step forward. This time I went into therapy because I had developed an anxiety disorder which stopped nearly my whole daily life. And I chose specifically a behavorial therapist to help me with my problem. But instead of the practicing and confrontation I had prepared myself for, he just labelled me BPD and started a conversational therapy with me.

I'm quite a bit at loss at this point, because I want/have to get rid of my anxiety disorder ASAP before it ruins the rest of my life (I'm near the deadline for my diploma thesis and my permanent and omnipresent anxieties keep consuming my concentration and strength). I failed my first diploma thesis for the biggest part because of my problems - this is my second and last chance. So does anyone have any ideas what I can do to complement my not-so-useful therapy in order to finish my degree successfully?

Right now I don't want to (and can't) change my therapist as we are more than halfway through the therapy and in my opinion we should go through this the whole, long way together. I take some homeopathic remedies, but no other medicaments, and go to occupational therapy, which I really love and find to be quite helpful.

I'd be deeply grateful for every opinion and recommendation!
Tank you so much in advance!

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Have you ever heard of Dialectical Behavior Therapy(DBT) created by Marsha Linehan Phd and also a Borderline? I go to this program at my therapist's office once a week. It's great to be in a room where everyone understands and there is no judgement. This program teaches you how to change your thinking, which changes your behavior. This program is not easy, but I will say it works and is a time of comfort to me. NEVER GIVE UP!! I know, way easier said than done, but there is hope. Also, there is a book called "Get Me Out of Here" by Rachel Reiland. All of the mental health staff at my therapy office were given this by the higher ups and required to read it. For me, it was very disturbing to read, but it's the true story of a Borderline who fought her way up tooth and nail with the help of a caring psychiatrist. She is a fully functioning member of society. She learned that her diagnosis didn't define who she was, it was just a fact, such as being a diabetic etc. I really recommend this book. I hope you can get the help you need, so that you can get on with your life. This is what I'm working on too and so are many, many others I've met. Good luck and God bless! Cyndy, from York,PA

Im not sure when you wrote this...how are your studies going? Are things any better? I hope so!

I could write a novel about trying to deal with anxiety, it sounds like you are already trying to do all that stuff though. Meditation & deep belly breathing every morning helps be center myself to cope with the day.<br />
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I do a lot of writing. I write down all of my terrible feelings. Then I try to look at it as if a close friend had said these terrible things about themselves. What would I say to help a friend about these things, to turn it around & look at it in a more compassionate light? It's kind of like debating. Any creative self ex<x>pression of emotions helps.<br />
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Take at least 10 minutes out of every day, where there are no thoughts allowed. Or if the mind is racing, repeat affirmations like 'today i choose to be stronger than my fears', 'i feel that i am safe from harm' 'i love and respect the person that i am' or whatever it is you need to believe. There are tonnes of affirmations on the internet.<br />
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I guess the biggest thing that helps me is when I feel at my lowest I tell myself that is OK. It is natural to feel what I feel. There is no need to fight it. I can survive this as I wait for it to pass. I have always made it through every other time, so I know I will make it through this time until it passes & everything will feel OK again later.<br />
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SOS drops/rescue remedy from health food shops is great for anxiety attacks. Chamomile Tea is great for ongoing anxiety.<br />
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Sounds like you are doing a great job of pushing through & getting an education. You should be proud of your achievements, I know it's not easy. Education can make your life a lot better.