Abused By Someone You Wouldn't Believe :(

I hate my life so much and want to die , to never be so abused by a person that I stutter for the right answer, that I cry with the injustice of being accused of something I haven't done, that I have to read my txts out then prove what I said was true, told to swear on my sons life several times a day for the abuser own reassurance. My other son has moved out because of this abuse gone years I cannot ever get back and i have to meet him in secret snatching bits of moments whenever I can, I am hated by my family because of this person I ve lost my business because of them when all I have ever done is my very best from when I open my eyes to when I shut them I am tortured shouted at, sneared at laughed at blackmailed and threatened. My two year old son is keeping me alive everyday I put killing myself off thinking what he d do without me until then I m a prisoner ... And my daughter continues her abuse toward me.
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Jan 10, 2013