No fancy words or deep explanations just I am suicidal I dont have the energy to explain.I cant go on like this....
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Same here.

I know what you mean.

It sounds like you are fed up with everything and lack the energy to make any great changes to your life at the moment. It would be wrong for you to make any huge changes at the moment because when you are so depressed you often lack the energy or optimism to carry them out. My guess is that you are probably not eating well either at the moment which only adds to a lack of energy. My advice to you would be to take small tiny positive steps. Concentrate on making one small change in your life at a time and keep with that untill you feel you can move on and make another small change and eventually all those small changes will come together like a snowball effect and you will begin to feel better. When I am down I always get a good book on positive thinking and read a small section everyday these books will guide you and show you how to make small positive changes in your life. Good-luck you have everyones support at the moment.

It's hard, I know, I'm not gonna lie to you, sometimes life kind of sucks, but if your like me, you cant really look anyone in the eyes, and sometimes you know the reason why, but sometimes you dont, But there was this one time, I looked someone I love in the eyes, and I realized that they do really love me, and that it would tear them apart if I just took myself out.<br />
And it will, it will tear them, it will beat them, and kill them knowing that your gone, and that your never coming back. And I know that I wouldnt want them to feel that way, I know that I would hate myself even more if I hurt them, because they are my heart, even if my heart feels cold, they are the part that keeps it warm, and I would do anything to keep that.- And I know that you would too. Because you must have someone who cares about you, you must have been raised by someone who loves you because you were raised right- I mean you must not be struggling financly if you have a computer, and something in you must have told you to sighn up on this site, so that you can have help, so that you can learn to love yourself.again. I got help infact the people around me were about 50% of that help, and my other half was my medical help, and theres always and extra 10% left, and that was my strenght, my heart, my hope and my faith- everyone has and extra 10% and even know I dont know you, you do too. I can only hope and pray that you wont take your life, that you will feel better, and that you will be happy again.<br />
No ones judjing you I'm just telling you that it's not ok to be suicidal.- talk to someone, it helps.

I have tried and almost succeeded in suicide before. The last time was so close it is like God himself saved me cuz I took so many pills I do not know how I survived on my own. Please do not do anything rash. I am now on meds for my depression and am doing so much better, my life is not perfect but whose is?<br />
Give yourself a chance to be happy, you might be surprised by the results......

Dodo is right. What is it they say? Something about "Madness is doing the same thing over and over again, yet somehow expecting different results." ( Not that you are mad, I don't mean that. ) But, all of us get stuck in these "thought/behavior ruts", and have to step back, and re-evaluate how are M.O's are working. If something is no longer working for you, try something else. <br />
<br />
Depression is a sly thief, that can rob every little bit of joy, and energy you have left. Please take care of your self, and get some care, maybe group, therapy, or even meds, could help you feel better about your life. ((( HUG ))) I am sorry things are so tough for you, right now. Take care. I'm only a click, or two away, if you ever want to talk.

If you can not go on like this, then what that really means is that you must go on in a different way than you have before. Change can happen in an instant; you already know how powerful a single decision can be. :)

I can understand that you feel suicidal... Life is not easy, never have been... But remember sweetie. We only live once; so all our life is impromptu; you choose what to do and it'll lead you somewhere...<br />
There's no reason to stop short; follow the path of life and it'll always lead somewhere. <br />
I feel for you; I have experienced depression. I have wanted to kill myself. But not anymore. I'm content with me life; but I am by no means finished with it. THere are always bright times in life. Even though they may never be many, they are what we live for; they are what we appreciate.<br />
I'll always be here for you whenever you need someone to talk to!<br />
Take care!<br />
Stay strong!