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Back in march of 2010 my children made me aware of the fact their mothers live in boyfriend was abusing them.
I immediately called Indiana CPS and reported everything my children had told me regarding the abuse and despite their mandate to investigate all claims within 24 hours I was blown off and told I have to provide physical evidence before they will investigate. After explaining to this social worker that I live 600 miles away and have part time custody of my children during the months they aren't in school as well as holidays and pleading for their help the worker swiftly hung the phone up. I then called a friend who worked in the local police department in Indiana and told him what my children said and what CPS told me. He stated that they are legally bound to investigate and to try again. So thats what I did, yet I got the same response and they hung up again! 13 days later I have local police officers contact me telling me my children have been murdered by their abuser. After having to bury my 8year old and 5 year old I spoke out to the press about the situation with CPS, who by the way claim I never called them. In fact they have gone so far as to destroy the recordings they have to legally make on the abuse hotline trying to cover their tracks. Lucky for me I have my phone records which by the way opened the door to get theirs which show where they were indeed contacted by myself. To make a long story short The law suit was officially placed in sept. 2010 against CPS, the murder and also against the children's mother who by the way I also contacted with the information of my 2 children stating they were being abused. I truly believe if CPS had investigated my children would be alive!! Yet they pick and choose what cases they want to take on and allow children such as mine to be murdered. There is a LOT of  qualified immunity to get around with suing CPS but it can be done, keep your records keep your days straight and above all get a lawyer who specializes with such cases preferably one who is in a different town to avoid the buddy issues. As of right now the suit is still in full swing and CPS is trying to stick with their statements saying they have no recollection of the calls. Whether they recall it or not phone records don't lie and they will have to give account before a jury as to why they failed to investigate. Oh and by the way 4 more children in that area have since died after CPS was called and they decided to ignore the call because it was made by a father instead of a mother. 6 children total around the evansville area were allowed to die because CPS will not follow their own mandate INVESTIGATE ALL COMPLAINTS OF ABUSE WITHIN 24 HOURS! 
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What grounds do you have to sue? I have a text from my caseworker and she admits she leaked my information or CPS did, and that she could not tell me who or how, because she cld lose her job. I called her in a panic, because days after our interviews etc. The two people showed up at my new home, which I hadn't even changed my address or posted on any social networks about our move. Most family and friends didn't know. They came to my home twice with eye witness statements, and the female had her hand held out of the window that was rolled down, and the female I never personally met, so I gave neighbors the description from my four year old girl of what they look like, and during the evening hours (still very light out) they show up and photograph us. I am not talking a few minutes, they were there for more than ten minutes. This is the second time they have shown up, so I was panicked. That is when I called her and said someone leaked my info, they are at my home, and it was the exact description of the female (the male I had photo of). Guess what, it's not illegal to do that. I literally was told I couldn't file a protective order by my police investigator in front of the case worker, which she also acknowledges via text, that he was in the wrong. ANYONE who is in fear for their life has the right to file. Now, that requires a lot of info, and it took me a full day or two to get the paperwork and all the information they require. IE school address, the other care givers addresses, you have to have the persons full legal name and a address. BE SMART, give them the WORK address of the accused, but also realize that if your not 110% sure the story is true, you have facts, etc. Anyway I have facts. Such as the medical exam was done within a system (I HAD NO CLUE) where any nurse or dr. in the county could go into the records and manipulate them at any time. AND THEY DID JUST THAT. The hospital refused me the one sheet medical record for that day. They threatened to call the cops, I even have my PI as a (was on the phone, speaker, so I had someone to testify of how I was being treated) and EVEN WITH A Protective order in my hand signed the day prior to getting the medical record, they still refused. So I grew a pair (gathered the strength) and told them to go right ahead. Because no cop is going to arrest me with a PO and all my ID's etc. saying I am the mother. TWO hours, they sat me in a back room, and one head nurse talked to me (at that moment, I had no clue she was in the room because we had so many in and out during that visit. ) She went between me, and a different room to talk to the director of the entire hospital..... It was my worst nightmare, and I knew then, I walked my daughter into another horrible situation. talk about feeling like poop. They said I wrote the "wrong social" down on paperwork. When they finally gave in, because I wasn't leaving without it. The record has ZERO social security number listed.... Even better, I kept thinking I need more facts, and it hit me...How in the world did her insurance pay, if I wrote down the incorrect social number??? Guess what, they did pay, which means the records had to be manipulated after billing did it's thing. Also the record erased everything that was tied to them. The Dr. made me spell out everything. the names, the times, the person, the location it happened at etc. NONE OF THAT WAS ANYWHERE..... He hand wrote the stuff down... It put words in my mouth, and still to this day, they will not release the "social number" that I supposedly wrote down . These people molested her and then tried to get her to leave with them. She has no family or emotional or financial ties to either person, which means, they are into much more than hurting children. Stats show if that is the case and they try to take the child, it is 95% (not 100% on that fact off the top my head) CHILD SEX TRADE. CPS failed to call therapist back to help us get the treatment that we needed. I had to do that, and I set up the appt. with RILEY hospital for another examine and the stalking from the leaked info, cause so much chaos, I had to change appt., and time, and get us a police escort up into the hospital. I honestly don't know how many times I had to call 911, but I was eventually told "to go somewhere safe"...... And no one came out. I was on my own, sleeping with a loaded 38 beside my bed, where I cld only reach it. I was terrified they were going to truly take my daughter from me, and I had no one or no where to go. we were followed, but the more facts I got or video's or plate numbers the worse it got. I went to meet my lawyer and two hours later return to my new house, and every window was broke. The SPRINGS, on the windows. One had fallen in and I walked around the house, and there were certain windows that I complained about to the contruction and realitor about not being able to even open them at all, and when I walked around my entire house, every window's Springs had been busted. So it didn't matter if I locked my doors, and once again, no one cared. I had to move furniture in the way of the windows just to protect us. Fuel line cut, my truck got put in the shop for over a week because of the damage done to it. I was not the only person to even call 911, and not the only person who had to draw out my gun for safety against others. I was terrified, but the detective wanted more facts from me, and I told him what was happening but he didn't believe, nor did he check into any of the eye witnesses and or 911 calls or anything else. I was beating my head against a wall. And honestly you begin to fear everyone. I didn't know the type of people they were, and with a child, her story slowly came out. It happened this summer and just last week she gave me more factual info she had never told me. I was also told that other CPS reports would not be involved, and I knew for a fact that one other report had been made prob a year or two prior from his daughters pediatrician, and law or protocol says that calls from any child specialist such as a pediatrician were calls that they always looked into, because they know the signs, etc. The daughter never made it in for an interview, and the in the divorce and custody battle the CPS report was a key factor against him, but AGAIN they said they would not factor that into my case. I was beside myself. How can that not be considered in a case? Since I did not know the girl who helped this man that night, I had no way of digging up facts, but once I saw her face and strangers (new neighbors) identified them as exactly how my daughter did, and they called the police, they ran to my house. If I had no facts or witnesses or anything else, and if my childs story varied or wasn't consistent with every interview we did alone, not together, it seemed impossible not to be able to convict these two LIFE LINE nurses. Even better, no one would even look into the medical records department, and all you have to do is look into the two individual schedules and there log in and out times and see when her record was looked up and changed. That easy. NEVER DONE. CPS also told me they pushed and my daughter shut down after 10 minutes. I was so maddddddddddd, I told them how to ask or how she would talk openly about certain things, but if she paused, to let it go, and move onto next question, she was scarred, and they told her they would kill me if she told me anything. Then they sat me down, and first question was "do you spank your child"? & I laughed.... I was crying, but when she asked me that I wanted to reach across the table and smack her for having the gull to even speak to me that way. First of all Spanking in Indiana is legal... No, not in excess, or with a twig or anything that would do damage etc. but it is legal to smack their biscuits once. I replied "yes, I do, if I can catch her" The normal and most effective punishment on my four year old is timeout. Then she follows with "your child had errors in the story" (generalizing) and I said "ok, like?" CPS worker "she called a picture of a BUTT, "biscuits." I again was in shock... I looked at the detective and said "I am not trying to be rude, or laugh at this, but I made it a rule in my house that we don't say butt, we say biscuits." I think any human being would know if a child said "bisucuits" when you point to a "butt" that it means the same thing, "and once again, you are telling me because I made that rule, and you pushed her too hard and in turn she shut down and now you want discredit her entire story due to that one word?" What a joke. They even let him refuse police interviews etc. He hired two attorneys, and changed his address for where he lived, which was a lie, but he knew if CPS got to his house, they would find more evidence of abuse etc. and even though THE PO was delivered to that old address and he was served within days of me filing, they still didn't care. My house is destroyed and even with videos and pics and all these damn facts, I have yet to find a "good" person to help me. I can't afford to start another war and be live inside my home and never leave. I have studied and researched and I have this case wrapped in a pretty bow, but polotics and corruption are more powerful than ever. More within what we used to know as an honorable system which now, actually throws single moms and their kids out to the wolves because the wolves are who pull the strings.. Even better, when you hire a PI, beware you are going to find some horrid secrets about the people who we teach our children to trust... And I can't talk to anyone or share the info, because I trust no one, and all I want is justice with the three that harmed my daughter, threatened her, and me, and ruined our first home together. I left other kids behind. I told them that I now know what has happened to them, and it explains so much of their "off" behavior. I told them I knew and I would do everything I could for them, and I feel like I failed them too. This is worse than the ID channel.... I made my daughter a promise, and every night when the sun goes down she asks about the people who hurt her and if they are still out there, and every night I have to tell her the truth, but I will never stop. Failure is not an option. And in case of my death, I have sent all the information to journalists, all over the country, and letters to their family members exposing their worst secrets, and all the other crap I have on the case. That was the smartest move I made. Because only I know who holds the key to up to 50 people's lives. I mean this goes up the ladder, big time. That may be the only reason they didn't kill me so far. Whatever illegal crime these three are committing it's much bigger than I could ever imagine. Even worse, since their intimidation didn't break me, they started in on my family. I have so many people who didn't believe me and then ended up experiencing or witnessing actual events take place, but no one cared. I was told I couldn't shoot them even if they came onto my property with a clearly posted "no trespassing sign", and they had to attack me before I could shoot or defend myself or otherwise I would go to jail and I would most likely lose my daughter...... So I am supposed to sit, wait for a blow to the head by a mid aged over 200lb man who has a past of violence and steroid use, and then I am allowed to protect my daughter.... yea, that seems so logical and reasonable (being a smart A....) I need help, I have the money to get attorney, but I don't know if there is any more I can do on my own end to help the case. ? and let me make this very clear. I do not think all authority is bad, but after all I have been thru, I truly believe in evil and I also believe that if we don't come together and make our communities safer for our kids, our children will suffer, and our future America, will fall fast. There has to be a balance, and we have to take responsibility for electing these people or however we do things, but this is just nuts. I have no question in my mind our schools would be safer if these victims of abuse were treated properly and given therapy of some sort. There are millions of studies showing the stats on victims who have received treatment and support vs. all the children silenced and or not treated or given some resources to help them cope. When we start discarding our own children - we are teaching them that human lives are expendable and we can preach all day long, but our actions are what are children follow. This isn't just the victims problem, this is a nation wide problem. Kids killing other kids, not thinking about repercussions and I don't blame the children, I blame THE ADULTS. I may be one voice, my child may be one voice, but if I can stop one child or family from experiencing this kind of injustice, I will do this. Because I know if someone would have stood up to these people years ago, my daughter and I wouldn't be here in this position, and the guilt of that, well, I don't want that, but I understand some don't want to stand up, but still want justice, but we as parents have to start being accountable and holding those who are in a higher position more responsible. I see the light in my daughters eyes, when we talk about why we keeping pushing forward and why we speak up, and she smiles and says "So, momma, you think my story will help save other kids?" and I smile back, and I tell her "yes, I do" and no matter how many walls I hit, I will fight for you, and the children I had to leave behind. So she doesn't feel the shame that she fought for months, and now she is a proud survivor, and that's all I can ever hope for. God Bless. "Be the change you wish to see in the world" ghandi

I am so sorry. I read this and there are no words, no vocabulary to express this depth of feeling. How are things going with the case, as if that could thoughts are with you...

Add a response... So, what has happened since then? What is happening in 2014? I am working on a federal civil lawsuit in North Carolina against CPS and Guilford County. His ex-wife instigated it all, and there was no evidence, only lies. we are on wordpress as chicanogets113years. I would love to find more interested parties in a fed, class action, whatever we can do...

I hope you get a small amount of justice. Father's Rights are so undermined in the courts. My husband was falsely imprisoned due to this craziness. Please let me know what's happened to your case. Blessings.

That is a horrible tradgedy. Not only should they be held civily, they should be punished criminally!!

I'm so sorry for your loss!

Are Cps in Terre haute allowed foster parents to beat throw urine tied the kids up the 17 year old was only 90 lbs the teen had to brake out of the house to get help my grand baby's are in foster car they have came to visits with bruised and I have pics they won't let me have them they try to lie I am suing then the head last said she dont have to go by the law she was above it I have that recorded

i hope you sue by now. i know i am glad i am.without or with lawyer.
Be sure to get started,this is dated almost three yrs.ago there are deadlines,
most never knew till i know calling a place i used.
now i am doing well on my own,thanks to them.
if u saying this is all happening but yet did not sue,then no need complaining.

even suing the caseworker, is a win,even if just 1.
good luck.


I am looking to sue cps and it's story should explain it enough- what has been your experience in regards to filing? - in the county of question or going strait to federal court? lmk ...

I would file in fed your going to get more done

I've been hung up on by CPS. I did get them to open an investigation, they supported allegations against my ex, when the court day came to get him out of our lives. the social worker stood up and said "The defendant has no prior record of abuse, he is already on supervised visits so there is nothing I can add to this investigation. I have another case in the Juvenile court, may I attend to that now?"<br />
<br />
Daddy got his visits back, and if I hear one breath anything else has happened. Baby and I are moving, the law won't help us.

I did not realize this was you. So I've read some of your other comments. I would assume you are real. You look and act like you have a better brain and maybe not so emotional as me. And it seems you've gotten advice about suing. I was intrigued by that, I want to sue cps/dfps, and all the major stuff complaining about cps very little about actually doing anything, though yes it is probably very costly and needing to know all the procedure and law, when a lawyer cannot be afforded. I stumbled on a site and any suing going on has been voted against the defendant and for the corporation, in 80 % . So. But without stopping the hateful violence they have used against me, with my so super fine precious gift , a wonderful child, I have no rest , no peace, tainted joy. I'm very sorry for your loss. there are thousands that die in cps care, we do not hear about.

Hi there, yes I am very real heres one of the news articles done regarding the announcement of the law suit.
My suggestion for finding an attorney, look for one who will go probono, meaning he only gets paid when you win your suit. Don't take the first attorney you find, look for one who has experience in lawsuits against government agencies. It is a long battle, its been around a year and a half now we are close to finishing discovery phase at which point we can enter pretrial motions. The typical motion from CPS is motion for summary judgement, they will claim they have immunity, this claim is only partly right. They have qualified immunity meaning if they followed all the laws and requirements set forth in their own rules then yes they are immune. However most times they step outside of this or try to play in the grey areas. What gives the case merit is apon receiving a report of abuse CPS has to investigate within 24 hours. PERIOD. Not at their discretion. They did not, in fact right after my children had been murdered I had mentioned to a reported I had called in the abuse prior to the murder and was ignored. CPS director heard the statement and went on record stating "We have had no reports or had any contact with MR. Lynch regarding any reports of abuse." Basically they sealed their own fate as I then had my phone records sent to an attorney who then got CPS phone records showing indeed the call took place. Magically their recordings disappeared (all incoming calls are recorded) they stay on record saying they never received my call, so it will go before a judge to prove the facts at which point they will loose. With all that said keep in mind your first attempt will take place in civil local court (a.k.a the judge is most likely their friend) if by some chance they get summary judgement don't freak out, the next step is federal court where you appeal which is where you start gaining traction. All in all if you have the patience and determination you can hold them accountable.

I would love to look this up to verify such things. But even if this is all true and not a plant to continue to convice the generla population that cps is necessary and that there is massive child abuse going on.<br />
I would have different views i could go down. And the two i think of are these. A.) cps is evil. B.) after they attack a family, the family itself begins to shake andshudder under the false accusations and evil so so evil "statements of fact" "level of concern" "findings" "best interest" , the absolute and completely false total maligning of a mothers character and a child's home, these words start to produce the reality. The shaky family starts to fall apart, and only under the words the words of authority from a 32,000 $ a year sub class sanctioned "social worker of cps" They are predatory, they hide behind all there government sanctions and immunity, and fill quota. also, the ones who need rescuing, they do not remove, to make them look necessary. But it is smoke n mirrors.the cops should of went out, that IS there JOB, so. Its kinda hard to believe.I vote SCAM