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Currently Suing Indiana Cps

Back in march of 2010 my children made me aware of the fact their mothers live in boyfriend was abusing them.
I immediately called Indiana CPS and reported everything my children had told me regarding the abuse and despite their mandate to investigate all claims within 24 hours I was blown off and told I have to provide physical evidence before they will investigate. After explaining to this social worker that I live 600 miles away and have part time custody of my children during the months they aren't in school as well as holidays and pleading for their help the worker swiftly hung the phone up. I then called a friend who worked in the local police department in Indiana and told him what my children said and what CPS told me. He stated that they are legally bound to investigate and to try again. So thats what I did, yet I got the same response and they hung up again! 13 days later I have local police officers contact me telling me my children have been murdered by their abuser. After having to bury my 8year old and 5 year old I spoke out to the press about the situation with CPS, who by the way claim I never called them. In fact they have gone so far as to destroy the recordings they have to legally make on the abuse hotline trying to cover their tracks. Lucky for me I have my phone records which by the way opened the door to get theirs which show where they were indeed contacted by myself. To make a long story short The law suit was officially placed in sept. 2010 against CPS, the murder and also against the children's mother who by the way I also contacted with the information of my 2 children stating they were being abused. I truly believe if CPS had investigated my children would be alive!! Yet they pick and choose what cases they want to take on and allow children such as mine to be murdered. There is a LOT of  qualified immunity to get around with suing CPS but it can be done, keep your records keep your days straight and above all get a lawyer who specializes with such cases preferably one who is in a different town to avoid the buddy issues. As of right now the suit is still in full swing and CPS is trying to stick with their statements saying they have no recollection of the calls. Whether they recall it or not phone records don't lie and they will have to give account before a jury as to why they failed to investigate. Oh and by the way 4 more children in that area have since died after CPS was called and they decided to ignore the call because it was made by a father instead of a mother. 6 children total around the evansville area were allowed to die because CPS will not follow their own mandate INVESTIGATE ALL COMPLAINTS OF ABUSE WITHIN 24 HOURS! 
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I am so sorry. I read this and there are no words, no vocabulary to express this depth of feeling. How are things going with the case, as if that could thoughts are with you...

Add a response... So, what has happened since then? What is happening in 2014? I am working on a federal civil lawsuit in North Carolina against CPS and Guilford County. His ex-wife instigated it all, and there was no evidence, only lies. we are on wordpress as chicanogets113years. I would love to find more interested parties in a fed, class action, whatever we can do...

I hope you get a small amount of justice. Father's Rights are so undermined in the courts. My husband was falsely imprisoned due to this craziness. Please let me know what's happened to your case. Blessings.

That is a horrible tradgedy. Not only should they be held civily, they should be punished criminally!!

I'm so sorry for your loss!

Are Cps in Terre haute allowed foster parents to beat throw urine tied the kids up the 17 year old was only 90 lbs the teen had to brake out of the house to get help my grand baby's are in foster car they have came to visits with bruised and I have pics they won't let me have them they try to lie I am suing then the head last said she dont have to go by the law she was above it I have that recorded

I am looking to sue cps and it's story should explain it enough- what has been your experience in regards to filing? - in the county of question or going strait to federal court? lmk ...

I would file in fed your going to get more done

I've been hung up on by CPS. I did get them to open an investigation, they supported allegations against my ex, when the court day came to get him out of our lives. the social worker stood up and said "The defendant has no prior record of abuse, he is already on supervised visits so there is nothing I can add to this investigation. I have another case in the Juvenile court, may I attend to that now?"<br />
<br />
Daddy got his visits back, and if I hear one breath anything else has happened. Baby and I are moving, the law won't help us.

I did not realize this was you. So I've read some of your other comments. I would assume you are real. You look and act like you have a better brain and maybe not so emotional as me. And it seems you've gotten advice about suing. I was intrigued by that, I want to sue cps/dfps, and all the major stuff complaining about cps very little about actually doing anything, though yes it is probably very costly and needing to know all the procedure and law, when a lawyer cannot be afforded. I stumbled on a site and any suing going on has been voted against the defendant and for the corporation, in 80 % . So. But without stopping the hateful violence they have used against me, with my so super fine precious gift , a wonderful child, I have no rest , no peace, tainted joy. I'm very sorry for your loss. there are thousands that die in cps care, we do not hear about.

Hi there, yes I am very real heres one of the news articles done regarding the announcement of the law suit.
My suggestion for finding an attorney, look for one who will go probono, meaning he only gets paid when you win your suit. Don't take the first attorney you find, look for one who has experience in lawsuits against government agencies. It is a long battle, its been around a year and a half now we are close to finishing discovery phase at which point we can enter pretrial motions. The typical motion from CPS is motion for summary judgement, they will claim they have immunity, this claim is only partly right. They have qualified immunity meaning if they followed all the laws and requirements set forth in their own rules then yes they are immune. However most times they step outside of this or try to play in the grey areas. What gives the case merit is apon receiving a report of abuse CPS has to investigate within 24 hours. PERIOD. Not at their discretion. They did not, in fact right after my children had been murdered I had mentioned to a reported I had called in the abuse prior to the murder and was ignored. CPS director heard the statement and went on record stating "We have had no reports or had any contact with MR. Lynch regarding any reports of abuse." Basically they sealed their own fate as I then had my phone records sent to an attorney who then got CPS phone records showing indeed the call took place. Magically their recordings disappeared (all incoming calls are recorded) they stay on record saying they never received my call, so it will go before a judge to prove the facts at which point they will loose. With all that said keep in mind your first attempt will take place in civil local court (a.k.a the judge is most likely their friend) if by some chance they get summary judgement don't freak out, the next step is federal court where you appeal which is where you start gaining traction. All in all if you have the patience and determination you can hold them accountable.

I would love to look this up to verify such things. But even if this is all true and not a plant to continue to convice the generla population that cps is necessary and that there is massive child abuse going on.<br />
I would have different views i could go down. And the two i think of are these. A.) cps is evil. B.) after they attack a family, the family itself begins to shake andshudder under the false accusations and evil so so evil "statements of fact" "level of concern" "findings" "best interest" , the absolute and completely false total maligning of a mothers character and a child's home, these words start to produce the reality. The shaky family starts to fall apart, and only under the words the words of authority from a 32,000 $ a year sub class sanctioned "social worker of cps" They are predatory, they hide behind all there government sanctions and immunity, and fill quota. also, the ones who need rescuing, they do not remove, to make them look necessary. But it is smoke n mirrors.the cops should of went out, that IS there JOB, so. Its kinda hard to believe.I vote SCAM