Hi I Am Missy

Hi!  I am Missy and I am super morbidly obese.  I currently weigh about 430 pounds.  I have lost over the last few months about 35 pounds.  I am in the process of qualifying for the gastric bypass.

I did not gain this weight because of anything or anyone else.  I have always loved food and always enjoyed the good stuff.  You know, the fatty high-calorie foods.  I have decided to change my life.  I want to be healthy.  I want to stop having to take meds for high blood pressure.  I want to be more mobile and active.  It is in my hands if this is going to happen.  So, in April, I began a medically-supervised diet.  I have changed my life and how I think about food.  I keep a food diary, I see a dietician once a month and the surgeon once a month.  I will be at the end of the required (by my insurance) six-month medically supervised diet on September 30.  I hope to lose about 20 more pounds before that day.  Hopefully if all goes well I will have the surgery in November.

I am a happy person.  I am just very obese.  Some people cannot see past my belly or my legs or whatever part of my body.  It is not my fault that they cannot see ME.  But how I deal with that is important.  People do see my attitude and they do see my efforts to lose weight.  For that, I am thankful.

I am not a bitter unhappy person.  I am a confident person that will have success at losing weight whether I have the surgery or not.  If I do not have the surgery, it will be much more difficult and take a whole lot longer but I will still do it.

I am always available for anyone to talk to if you want support and caring.  I am more than happy to share my yahoo ID with you.  It is sweetpeafemme.

I hope those of you that are struggling that you look for what is good in you not what you see as bad on the outside.  Hang in there and keep on keeping on!!

sweetpeafemme sweetpeafemme
3 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Hi I weigh about 520lbs. I've beentold that gastric bypass surgery will change my life but they can't operate til I lose some weight - I have to get loads of weight off first. If I don't surgery is way too risky. Like you I'm on diet from weight loss specialist /nutricionist but for me will power to keep on it is a problem. I think once I started seeing results I willfeel like I don't want to undo any weight loss achieved so that will help. I do get fed up with my mobility restrictions, having to rely on someone else for my personal care, having to be put into a hoist several times a day (i realise I'm lucky to have a hoist in my home, just wish I didn't need it) so this should be motivation enough for me to beat the food cravings. I find exercise very difficult for practical reasons as well as I think I'm gonna have a heart attack every time I do anything! I've been given some exercises to do at home specially designed for morbidly obese people which, to my credit, I can honestly say I do them regularly. I can do them without any assistance so that gives me a sense of control which feels good. I have to go to a special clinic where they have a support sling & hoist which supports my body but leaves my legs free. It lifts me to a standing position then I have to use my legs to walk across the hall - I'm supported so I can't fall. I do this once a month to keep my body moving. Also I do hydratherapy once a month. I'm getting there but it's tough - sometimes I just don't wanna face the world or go out but then I get frustrated with myself for thinking like that and have positive days too x

Aww I'm glad you are losing weight on your own. That's a huge accomplishment! I am trying to lose weight as best as I can. I can only do a max of 5 minutes on our recumbent exercise bike (at a time). I haven't tried to do more than that in one day. And to be honest it's only bee one time that I used it. Just about a week ago. We had to buy a new power cord for it and it was the day that it arrived. <br />
<br />
My problem is eating and not being able to exercise. I have a love-love relationship with food. I overeat if I have the opportunity. I get hungry at the drop of a hat. It's really sad. When someone even remotely mentions food, that's all I can think about until I eat.<br />
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I'm about 370 pounds and can't easily walk anywhere. My lower back kills me, but the MRI revealed nothing. No abnormalities. It must be muscular I guess. So I have to use the motorized cart in stores if I go shopping, which is rare these days. I am very blessed to have a mom and dad who take care of me. They shop for most of my needs along with theirs. I on occasion will go to the vet's office with my dad to take our yorkie in for routine visits and I'lll drive myself to doctor appointments, etc. Anyway, just wanted to share a little bit about me. I'll add you to my yahoo. It's bdunlapbd. Oh, I'm 26 years old. I live at home due to mental illness and obesity issues. But I'm quite sane when on my meds. haha

thank you so much I really needed that. I am currently struggling with insurance on gastric bypass, they want me to do weightwatchers meetings and go to a specific gym and document it several times a week but the thing is I am too heavy for the machines so yeah now what? also they discontinued meridia which is like the only medication that ever helped me feel normal and like I could handle the weight issue and have energy to do what needs to be done you know? so its just very depressing right now, its like every time I start to take control of my weight I get all these set backs.... so it was good to hear someone like me staying strong and being positive! send some of that my way! :)