Need Help Continuing My Weight Loss

I am 30 years old and weigh 372.8 pounds. At my highest weight I was 410. On November 4 of this year (2012) I decided to really change the way I was eating. At that time I was 395.8 pounds. I have made some significant changes and have lost 23 pounds in a little over a month. I really want to keep working on this because I can feel such a difference already. I feel a difference physically and emotionally. However I still have a long way to go both physically and emotionally. My husband who was very supportive this time around (and I believe a big part of my success this time) has suddenly stopped being supportive and actually seems to be trying to get me to fail. I really need some support to continue this and am looking for anyone to talk to, journal with, make goals with-just supportive. If anyone is interested in sharing their stories or helping me or even just has any questions please feel free to message me. I could use the help!!
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Hi I'd like to help u lose weight?

I would love any help I can get. Tell me a bit about yourself!!

I've just started my own weight loss journey - a new year's resolution. At the moment I'm so obese (352lb) that any effort will show a result, but things will get tougher.
I know that old habits are hard to break, and I need to make permanent changes to many of mine. I'm using the first month to adjust my habits, then I'll focus more specifically on my weight/fitness targets.
I'm changing my habits on food selection, portion size and where/when I eat. I'm also increasing my activity level, although a heat wave (I'm in Australia) is making this the part I'm really struggling with.
I know that the best way to achieve my goal is to take it one small step at a time, to expect stumbles, and to keep heading in the right direction. I know what I want to achieve, but I only focus on what I can do TODAY to move a little closer to that end.
I would encourage you to keep going with your own weight loss. If your husband is being less than supportive, it may be worth asking him why? I'm sure you realise there are psychological aspects to the extremity of weight issue we share, and it may be that there are similar aspects for your husband.
Best of luck

I am so glad you chose to share your story with me. I wish you the best of luck as both of us have quite a long way to go to reach a healthy weight and lifestyle. You seem to know exactly what you should be doing and I really hope you are able to do this and obtain the results you want. It is very true that there will be stumbles. I think that is something that should be stressed to anyone trying to make any type of change in his or her life. We are only human and therefore are bound to make mistakes. The problem I used to have was that I would stumble and feel so bad I would give in. I have definitely stumbled in this journey but two months later I am still trying and that is important. As of this morning I am down 34 pounds. I allowed myself some holiday food and gained a few pounds but have taken that off and a little more. Asking my husband why he is not supportive anymore is a good idea but he is one of those men who does not like to talk. I know he will say he doesn't know what I am talking about. I honestly think he doesn't care anymore what I do whether it is stay fat, get fatter, or become healthier. I am doing the best I can but know that with some support I will be able to do this. I do appreciate you responding because right now I have no support. My mother says stuff like "Good job" and "Keep it up" but she cannot relate whatsoever. She at many times in her life was severely underweight. I did have a support buddy on another website but she never came back after the holidays. Please keep me informed on how your journey goes and if you need support or have questions or suggestions please feel free to ask/share.

I would hope that you stop losing weight. As it's not necessary, and you don't have any related diseases. You're perfectly healthy, ma'am.

Seriously, people like you should not be allowed on these sites!

And people like you.

People like me? What have I done wrong? You are making fun of people who come on this site for help.

Yeah...I'm not clicking on a link provided by a person who has a goal to make someone feel even worse about him or herself by making fun of people who are obese. Please leave me alone and any other people with issues on here. You really should get a life and not spend your time making others feel bad just so you can feel better about yourself.

What the hell lady? It's an editorial!
I have a life and apparently I make you feel like **** by telling you to not lose weight. Sensitive whiners like you should leave.

Whiner? How about standing up against emotional abusers such as yourself! How does the fact that I am calling you out on making fun of significantly overweight people make me a whiner? Is it because you are used to people with your mindset standing behind you and all of your asinine comments, which are obviously stabs at people with problems. You spend your day seeking out and commenting on people's stories who clearly are reaching out for help and in desperate places in their lives.

Then you don't understand where I come from. I'm a part of communities that encourage people to be fat. I Iike fat people, so I'm telling you to keep the weight. Weight gain is also important, fat makes us human, fat makes the world go round. I think fat should be encouraged, and if it was, I myself would gain weight. I'm not making fun of fat people, I want you to embrace the fact that you are fat.

I cannot fathom anyone wanting to be fat or being attracted to fat people. I live a fat life and do not wish this on anyone and to be quite frank, it has taken me to places of suicidal thoughts. It does nothing good for anyone. It is gross and I hate that I have let myself reach this place. It is unhealthy and unattractive. I understand not discriminating against a person because they are fat but to encourage it does not make sense to me. I see no logic to it.

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