Action Time from Ungern

When I made my first ever post in September last year I was in a very dark personal mental and physical place but some things have changed. First no alcohol for over 6 months. Therapy based around Transactional Analysis has really helped. I now feel I am an essentially decent person who has had some major life issues. I no longer cut myself. I AM OKAY! So the weight that I have hidden myself in is going to be lost. I am about 28 stone. There are things I need to look at. Coming off alcohol also meant I have had a sugar addiction to deal with. I am winding this down and will be off refined sugar in 3 months once the stocks I have at home are exhausted. My exercise has changed. Over heavy training with my dumbbells caused a back injury so lighter weights for longer, with good technique. I will start walking once the rain and snow in London has stopped (I am scared of slipping and injuring myself). Portion size has to be addressed eg grilling sausages is healthy but not eating 8 at once. I have watched those guys on the TV show "Obese:A Year To Save My Life" and know I can lose12 stone in 3 years but I have got to want it. I am sick of running for a bus and thinking I am having a heart attack. I have a years therapy ahead of me for borderline personality disorder and believe I will look and feel very different this time next year. I will see potential not a fat and unhappy mess. Best wishes to all especially those on "The Journey".
ungern ungern
46-50, M
Jan 20, 2013