Realizing I Am Very Large - Now They Call It Super Obese

I read the posts on this "super obese" site and the others on "morbidly obese" and "love to eat".  I suspect many will think my perspective is different.  I was a fat kid.  I think my first diet was when i was a year old and already weighed 80 poinds.  I always weighed a lot in my childhood and high school years - as much as 400.  After college during my working years I always had to work hard to keep the weight down.  I would still eat but i would have to make sure I always exercised.  I realized several years ago that I was happy when I was fat.  So I cast off the societal stigmas of not being fat and over the last few years have grown very large - now over 500.  My wife loves me very large and is very supportive.  I did keep up weight training as I have become very very fat.  I focus on back and leg strengthening to allow me to handle my weight and swimming.  By no means will anyone ever confuse me at my size for an athlete, other than maybe a sumo wrestler, but I keep the right perspective.  I love how fat I am.  I love showing my size.  Yes, I know that being my size has all the challenges that we face - sitting in certain chairs, moving around, buying clothes the right size, dealing with all the comments, flying, etc.  All that being said, I am this size because I wanted to be this size and I am very happy like I am.  I do not know how large I will be but I know that I am living life as I want to.  Just my own story and perspective.
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Not sure if any of you are still on EP... wanted to share this.

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i want to be that large someday

I really can relate to you as I am very large probably over 500lbs., and I was also a fat child with fat parents and grandparents that made food in our family an event. I remember many times while making batches of pancakes for breakfast for the family, when we visited my granparents... I was also stuffing myself with pastries donuts, huge crumcakes, cookies, washing it all down with 2 huge glasses of milk.My Mom would buy all of these fattening things at the local bakery, for our pancake breakfasts. 'after eating all of the goodies...I would stuff myself again with two or three helpings of pancakes, lots of butter syrup and bacon....after eating so much i would go bck to bed and just wait to eat again when lunchtime arrived! At age 15 I ballooned up to 365lbs. I was so fat as a child, I would sneak food, hide candy, whatever it took when visiting my other friends who were not as fat as me. I ate and ate myself up to 438lbs at age 18. I waddled down the isle at graduation having my Mom sew extra wide panels into my gown because i had gotten so so fat. I will always remember the nasty comments I got from an ***, stupid boy, who tortured me, with the fatso fatso fatso word..over and over as i walked by him,...He would sit across from me and make pig snorting noises...and tell me how much of a fat disgusting pig i was...i hated that time. and as time went on I lost weight gaining more lost again.....gaining double to now i am over 500lbs . later in life I love my size.

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I am not sure if you are still part of EP, but find your experience very similar to my own...<br />
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I looked again at some of the guidance on being super obese. Apparently there are different measures. One is 225% of your normal body weight (whatever normal is). I think my normal weight was 200 (and that weight was a long time ago). So now at 510, I am 256% over my supposed normal weight. That qualifies me as super obese - just what I love. There is also a BMI formula which is kg/(meters squared). So now for some conversion. 510 pounds is 232 kg. 6'2" is 1.88 meters. So 232 divided by 1.88 X 1.88 = a BMI of 66 kg/meter squared. Apparently a BMI of 30-40 is obese, 40-50 is morbidly obese and 50-60 is super obese. So I am super obese or more. I love being this large. I love eating and gaining. Maybe there is a new category called super super obese.

I am not sure that there is a specific measure. What I have seen from reading and research is that if you are 200 pounds or more over your normal weight, (whatever is normal - mine was low 200s) that qualifes. So with me at over 500, I am certainly in the category. At your 24 stone weight I assume you would be as well. It is a great category to be in for those of us who enjoy being very fat.

Yes all for a good cause, your happiness :) The strength training fantastic. Bravo Willie! No wonder your wife is so happy. You are really active and out there in the world. Love that! She's a lucky woman!

The challenge is my size and the room on some of the weight machines. Luckily the squat machines generally have room. As I gained the last 100 pounds I am really glad for the strength training. I am really enjoying being able to eat as much as I want and keeping the gaining going. Of course my clothes and food budget are higher but all for a good cause.

Another great story. It is very smart of you to keep your body strong so you can carry all your extra weight and feel comfortable doing it. You are inspiring at helping others also carry their extra weight and keep enjoying their bodies.