Fat Fat And Just Fat

I have been  fat almost all my life.  I am now 32 am 5'4 and weight 295 pounds.  I exercise try and eat right but I'm still fat, and even though I say I'm not at times I think I am a little depressed.  My body always aches and I am sick and tired of it.  I want this fat off me and I have no one to talk to because no understands what I feel.  I hear people make comments about fat people in general like, "it's their fault their so fat they chose to be that way" or fat is so unattractive" and it makes me upset because unless you have experienced being obese you have no clue what it feels like.  I am here to lend an ear, be a friend, and find support from others  share my life with.  Thanks for listening...Laylah
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My wife is almost 40 and very close to your weight only she is 4 inches shorter. She definitely knows first hand what it is like being morbidly obese. She has been accepting of her weight and size since she has been huge all of her adult life. She was already 245 pounds and 5'0" tall when we got together 16 years ago. It is cruel and also immature the comments that some people make about fat people. Everybody has some flaws and most are well aware of what they are without other people having to make insulting or degrading remarks.

Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online?

Fat has never been unatractive in my book! It's always been sexy!