What's Going On??

Ok, I'm currently in the U.S. Army and for the past week, a lot of strange **** started happening. For instance, during every encounter with a friend or some random person, I keep feeling like this huge surge of energy in particular parts of my legs...like I can jump a great height or run really fast. What's worse is I've had a feeling inside me my whole life like there's some great spur of an entity inside me begging to get out. Is it safe to say I should try to experiment my complete full potential to see what is possible? Any advice would be appreciated ASAP.
evanmullaney evanmullaney
1 Response Oct 4, 2011

You should test it. also, I know there has been many supernatural beings in the U.S. Army, so you're not alone..but, I wouldn't know if it would be safe to ask around, lol.