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So from what i remember, the time I flew (never tried it again yet, but when I super jump, I get the same feeling), all those "you could've/should've died" things (ever since I was a baby), air powers even if I'm not thinking about it, when I expect it) , its right on cue, super strength (though I've never, EVER gotten mad before, super jumping, energy balls (at will), immunity to electricity (most common), spontaneous healing (me and other people), and extreme adaptability. O, and I surge with energy whenever I touch/drink water. I swim for hours on end when I'm aloud to choose when I go out. People say I swim like a dolphin lol, and I get super strength in or under water, and it always seems I have extra energy when I want it (but I usually complain b4 I have a chance to use it.) Also, from a test with a spirometer, I'm "full of hot air" they say, cuz my score was 1200 points higher than the average boy my age.
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2 Responses Mar 10, 2012

i cant believe you have a ability like me how do you handle it

how many powers do you have i have only found 4 of my ability

i can fix things and hack into tings when i suck with cumputers i also have telekenises so i can do awsome things and your right god di give me these powers do u think our kids while have them aswell. p.s i almost forgot i can also kind when i get angrey get really strong

Is it true you can open worm holes?