Operation Iraqi Freedom Disabled Vet

I served at the world's biggest truck stop which at the time was Camp Navistar 05/06 . It was the form up point for all convoys entering Iraq at the military crossing in kuwait . I stand behind our military and what we did in Iraq I saw first hand the battle damage coming back into Kuwait . We live and breathed in sand that was full of depleted urainium . We had small arms fire everyday and EOD setting off bombs that didn't go off . We searched everything coming into Kuwait from Iraq looking for VIED's . We were there to keep the bad stuff from coming into Kuwait we found booze,drugs,and **** and one day a bomb that was going to the pier as a war trophy but it was wired to a cell phone to explode inside this captured scud was 50 propane tanks when the EOD set it off 8 miles away there was a 59 yard crator .We found people trying to sneek back into Kuwait cause they didn't have the right paper work they were coming in the trailors and the x-ray machine found them . We lived and worked along the HWY. of Death that every news channal showed in 03 .
seabeecm1 seabeecm1
51-55, M
May 22, 2012